image of a garbage disposal repair in a bethlehem pennsylvania home

Common Garbage Disposal Issues & How To Prevent Them

Garbage disposals are among the most significant items to ensure you have a clean kitchen. However, homeowners often misuse this indispensable appliance, leading to the issues found in this article. Read more »

demand-type water heater installation in Bethlehem PA

The Pros And Cons Of Tankless Water Heaters

The DOE says that water heating expenses account for anything between 14% and 18% of the average energy bill. Fortunately, you can cut your water heating costs by replacing your traditional water heater with an efficient tankless water heater. This article shares a detailed look at the pros and cons of tankless water heaters. Read more »

rusty plumbing pipes

The Causes And Effects Of Corrosion In Piping

As it relates to plumbing systems, many factors can result in pipe corrosion. Based on the degree of these dynamics, a piping system could display signs of corrosion in only a few years after installation. Homeowners should be aware of what to look for, as this circumstance can impact your home, your health, and much more. Read more »

running toilet

Why Your Running Toilet May Cost You More Than You Realize

A running toilet may sound like a minor nuisance. Over time, however, a running toilet can cost you much more than you think. Unless you have money to waste, it's to your advantage to act quickly in rectifying a running toilet problem. Read more »

sewer line repair service by a bethlehem pa plumber

Do You Need A Sewer Line Repair In PA? Learn The Top Signs

All the drains in your home discharge their waste contents into a sewer drain which connects to the municipal sewer lines. When damaged, it can lead to health and safety risks and damage to your property. Unfortunately, since this pipe is underground, it is difficult to tell when it is broken. With that in mind, here are six signs that you need a sewer line repair. Click through to find out more. Read more »