Why Your Running Toilet May Cost You More Than You Realize

running toiletAs a homeowner, you’ll undoubtedly run into all kinds of maintenance problems while caring for your home. Running toilets are a common problem that many homeowners face.

A running toilet may sound like a minor nuisance. This aspect is true, especially when compared to broken water pipes, cracks in your foundation, or a faulty HVAC system.

Over time, however, a running toilet can cost you much more than you think. You will notice a spike in your monthly water bill. Unless you have money to waste, it’s to your advantage to act quickly in rectifying a running toilet problem.

In this article, we will cover some of the causes of a running toilet and why it is essential to repair a problem like this promptly.

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Toilet Repair Bethlehem PA: Why Is Your Toilet Running?

There are various reasons your toilet may be running. If you own an older home, some of the toilet’s components may have worn out, causing them to malfunction. Even newer toilets can have problems with wear and tear of their components, especially due to high usage.

If your toilet is running due to a faulty flapper, flush valve or fill valve, replacing these components could resolve the problem. Over time, these components are subject to wear and tear, corrosion and breakage due to age and consistent use. If these parts are working properly, the problem could stem from a faulty lever flush assembly located on the wall of the tank which is keeping the toilet from flushing properly.

While some running toilet problems are easy to resolve, others are not. If you can’t find the cause of the problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber. Ignoring the problem will not cause it to go away. By fixing the problem while it is yet small, you can avoid major repairs later down the line. The more you procrastinate, the more money you can expect to pay on your water bill at the end of the month.

Do You Know Your Running Toilet Costs?

high water billsOn average, a toilet uses approximately one and a half gallons of water per flush. In flow capacity, that would equal to approximately three gallons of water per minute. If you multiply three gallons by the number of minutes in a day (1,440), your running toilet could waste up to 4,320 gallons of water daily.

A running toilet can waste up to four times more water than the average faucet leak and 25 times more water than a typical shower leak in a home, making it a major source of water loss. If you do nothing to correct your running toilet problem, you could wind up paying $100 or more extra on your water bill at the end of each month. In addition to wreaking havoc on your budget, consider all the water a running toilet wastes and the effect that waste has on our environment.

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What Are My Running Toilet Solutions?

Nothing good comes from living with a running toilet problem. According to the EPA, “nearly 30% of an average home’s indoor water consumption” comes from the use of toilets, which is more than any other appliance in the home. A toilet that’s malfunctioning could result in thousands of gallons of water being wasted on a daily basis in just one household. If the thought of wasting so much water isn’t enough, consider the expense of paying for that loss.

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You may not relish having to deal with a running toilet, but you will relish the expense it causes even less. By taking measures to correct the problem, you can save money and conserve water, which will be a boon to the environment. By working with a professional plumber to resolve issues with your toilet, you can get quick, effective, long lasting results, saving you time, water and money over the long haul.

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