washing dishes and breaking plate

How To Safely Clear Broken Glass From Your Garbage Disposal

Unfortunately, there are times when a glass or ceramic plate breaks and it makes its way into the garbage disposal. When this happens, you have to have a way to safely get them back out. In this article, we discuss how to remove it without harming yourself and without damaging your garbage disposal. Read more »

water heater repair and plumber

Top 5 Signs Your Water Heater Is About To Explode

Water heaters can explode. This is a fact, not a myth. If you see anything that suggests trouble, then you should contact an experienced plumber immediately to check it out. This article discusses the top 5 signs that can lead to an exploding hot water heater in your home. Read more »

tips on what to do about noisy plumbing pipes

Tips On What To Do About Noisy Pipes

Water hammer is a plumbing problem, characterized by a banging or thumping sound produced when pressure builds up inside water pipes. If you do not take steps to remedy this situation, it could cause problems such as pipe collapse. In this article, we discuss some useful tips on what to do about noisy pipes. Read more »

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Is Your Water Treatment System in Need of Repair?

Water treatment systems work on a consistent basis without the need for constant monitoring. This is one of the main advantages of having a water treatment system that has been professionally installed in your home. Of course, there may be a need for filters to be changed or emptied occasionally, depending on the type of system. However, regular maintenance provided by the professionals who installed […] Read more »

burst plumbing pipe in summer

Can Pipes Burst In Warm Weather?

Most people are aware that pipes can burst in the winter. However, can pipes burst in warm weather too? The truth is vigilance should not be limited to the cold months since pipes can also burst in warm weather. This article discusses some of the common causes of burst pipes during summertime. Read more »