image of a plumber repairing a sink

9 Interesting Facts About Plumbers You May Not Know

We hardly think about our plumbing until a problem arises. When this happens, we lose the conveniences we enjoyed. If you ever wonder what plumbers really do and what their job really is like, we talked to some plumbing professionals on our team. What they have to say will be quite surprising to you. Read more »

image of question marks depicting plumbing questions

Top 11 Most Common Plumbing Questions And Answers

All homeowners experience similar plumbing issues. After all, most homes have plumbing systems that operate similarly and therefore, will experience the same type of issues when something goes awry.  This article discusses eleven of the most common plumbing questions and answers to help you understand your plumbing system a little better. Read more »

tips on what to do about noisy plumbing pipes

Tips On What To Do About Noisy Pipes

Water hammer is a plumbing problem, characterized by a banging or thumping sound produced when pressure builds up inside water pipes. If you do not take steps to remedy this situation, it could cause problems such as pipe collapse. In this article, we discuss some useful tips on what to do about noisy pipes. Read more »

burst plumbing pipe in summer

Can Pipes Burst In Warm Weather?

Most people are aware that pipes can burst in the winter. However, can pipes burst in warm weather too? The truth is vigilance should not be limited to the cold months since pipes can also burst in warm weather. This article discusses some of the common causes of burst pipes during summertime. Read more »

plumbing pipes

Should I Repipe My House?

Many homeowners do not normally ask themselves "Should I repipe my house?". Unless you have a leak, chances are you never think about your plumbing pipes. However, pipes are essential to your plumbing and, sometimes require maintenance and replacement. This article discusses some tell-tale signs that your house needs repiping. Read more »

image of a homeowner dealing with an emergency plumbing problem

What Problems Can Your Emergency Plumber Solve?

If you have a water leak or other plumbing issue that poses a potential hazard to your home, then it's time for fast action. After all, there are some plumbing problems that simply can't be put off until normal business hours. This is when calling an emergency plumber is essential. Read more »

image of water leak in house

10 Silent Signs Your House Has A Major Plumbing Problem

Have you ever been trying to fall asleep when you suddenly hear the drip of a faucet or a running toilet? Well, these sounds let you know that you have a plumbing issue. What if you don’t hear any sounds? Keep reading to find out 10 silent warnings of a potential plumbing emergency. Read more »

outdoor patio with pool and outdoor plumbing

5 Major Outdoor Plumbing Issues You Should Avoid

Most homeowners are sensitive about indoor plumbing issues such as clogged toilets, drains, or water heater malfunctions. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same sense of urgency when it comes to outdoor plumbing issues. This article shares five major outdoor plumbing issues that you should be aware of. Read more »

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Top 10 Home Plumbing Myths That Are Costing You Money

‘Conventional wisdom’ is passed down through generations. It can be about anything, but usually, it’s just wrong or oversimplified. In plumbing, we find the same; there are lots of myths. Read this article to learn how to avoid the top 10 plumbing issues that will make a dent in your wallet. Read more »