The Causes And Effects Of Corrosion In Piping

rusty plumbing pipesAs it relates to piping systems, many factors, working alone or together, can result in pipe corrosion. Based on the degree of these dynamics, a piping system could display signs of corrosion in only a few years after installation.

Bethlehem Plumbing Services: The Causes And Effects Of Corrosion In Piping

Homeowners should be aware of what signs to look out for, as this circumstance can impact your home, your health, and much more. Below are details on how this could happen and its effect:

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Causes Of Corrosion In Bethlehem Homes

Pipe Corrosion: Oxygen And Temperature Of The Water

The water system in your home is consistently being refilled with oxygenated water. This process implies that air has been liquefied into the water, consisting of roughly 70 percent nitrogen and 30 percent oxygen. The nitrogen is non-corrosive; however, oxidation causes oxygen to corrode metal. This situation leads to rusting and eventually, the metal will thin and weaken as the corrosion worsens. Three things happen as corrosion continues:

  1. Rust accumulates inside the pipes. Because rust makes the surface uneven, the nooks and crannies draw and capture impurities, causing a buildup inside the pipes.
  2. The metal that makes the pipes thins and becomes more and more susceptible to breakage.
  3. There is a development of pinhole cracks. Also, if there is pressure on the deteriorating pipes or there is a shifting in the earth, this could result in breakage of the pipe. The higher the temperature of the water, the more rapidly oxidation happens. For this same reason, there is more corrosion in hot water lines in comparison to cold water lines.

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Low pH & Your Plumbing Pipes

water pH in bethlehem homepH is used to measure the acidity of water. It ranges from most acidic (zero) to alkaline (14). A neutral pH would be represented by 7. If copper pipes are in your home, you should be especially concerned regarding the pH of your water. If the pH is 8 or higher, more alkaline, a copper oxide film will form inside the pipes, minimizing or slowing corrosion. However, if the pH is acidic or neutral, this will dissolve the copper oxide barrier, leaving the pipes susceptible to faster corrosion. This low pH will eventually result in pinhole leaks all over the plumbing system.

Do You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners In Your Bethlehem Home?

These cleaners are renowned for burning a hole through clogs in the piping system. However, they are also infamous for burning holes in the pipes. Quite frankly, chemical drain cleaners are horrible for your pipes. You should get professional advice on effective drain cleaners that are easy on your piping system.

Water Velocity & Plumbing Pipe Erosion

In a “closed loop” piping system, there could be erosion corrosion due to excess solder or other obstacles.

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Effects Of Corrosion

The associated cost of corrosion can be quite pricey. Even more significant than the financial cost is the fact that it could severely impact the health of your household members. Research has found that consuming water that has high levels of lead, copper, and other toxic metals could result in acute health issues.

Additionally, pipe corrosion could destroy your water quality, and in many ways, it could be a big waste of money:

  • It could lead to premature failure of fixtures and even the entire plumbing system
  • Corroded water could cause premature failure or impact the efficiency of the water heating system
  • It could lead to potential odors and stained fixtures



The issues discussed above are among those that could result in pipe corrosion. The effects of the corrosion could result in numerous health problems and be expensive to resolve. Ignoring pipe corrosion in your home or merely wishing it away is not wise. Call a reputable professional to check, monitor and fix any piping issues you might have. The safety of your household depends on it.
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