Do You Need A Sewer Line Repair In PA? Learn The Top Signs

Updated: 06/16/2022

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Signs That You Need A Sewer Line Repair

All the drains in your home discharge their waste contents into one large pipe called a sewer drain. This drain, in turn, connects to the municipal sewer lines. Because of this, a damaged sewer line may lead to health and safety risks. It can also cause significant damage to your property.

Unfortunately, since this pipe is underground, it is difficult to tell whether it has damage on it or not.

Some of the main causes of sewer drain damage include tree roots. Other causes involve certain types of waste materials such as facial tissues and diapers. With that in mind, here are six signs that you need a sewer line repair.

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Raised Or Soggy Patches In Your Yard

image of soggy patch in bethlehem pa home yard due to broken sewer line

If you notice puddles or raised/soggy patches in your yard, it could mean that your sewer line is leaking. Similarly, if you notice patches of plants or grass that are growing unusually vibrantly or fast, it means they’ve found an abundant source of underground water, which is likely a problematic sewer line. To be certain, you should hire a qualified plumber to investigate the source of the leak. They will know all of the appropriate sewer line repair methods that are available.

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Mold And Mildew

A broken sewer line is going to create…

excess moisture on your property, creating a suitable environment for mold and mildew to flourish. In other words, the presence of mold and mildew on your property could be a sign of sewer line damage.


Distinctive Foul Odor From Your Drains

woman plugging nose due to smelly drain

The wastewater flowing through your sewer line has a distinctive foul odor. Fortunately, your sewer line is largely airtight, preventing this odor from escaping. This means that, if you notice this foul odor around your property, the sewer line underneath your property has damage and is leaking. This sometimes requires replacing the sewer line from the house to main.

Clogged/Slow Drains

If your drains have a clog…

it could mean that you have a sewer line clog. You will need to unclog your drains In this case, to unclog your drain, you should get a professional plumber. They can clean your sewer drain properly instead of using chemicals. This is because chemicals damage your pipes.

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Sewer Backups

All your drains empty their wastewater into the sewer drain. If you have a sewer line clog, you are likely to experience sewer backups and blockages. You will notice this when you run water down your sink or bathtub, especially in the lowest open drain. However, if the problem occurs with only one drain, then the problem is usually that particular drain and not your sewer line.


Foundation Problems

If you fail to repair a damaged sewer within a reasonable amount of time…

it will likely cause structural damage to your property. This includes foundation problems such as sinkholes, settlements, and cracks. For this reason, hire an experienced plumber for a cracked sewer pipe repair as soon as you notice the damage.


Sewer Line Repair Bethlehem PA

Some of the signs that come with a broken sewer line include:

  • puddles in your yard
  • raised/soggy patches of ground
  • distinctive foul odor, drain clogs
  • excess greenery

If you notice any of these signs, your sewer line needs a repair service. Hire an experienced plumber to identify and fix the damage.


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