How Do I Know If My Irrigation System Is Leaking Underground?

image of a leaking sprinkler system that needs irrigation repair

Irrigation systems make life easier when you have an expansive lawn. Instead of devoting countless hours to watering the grass, you can let the sprinkler heads do all the work. You may even automate the process for a green lawn without any intervention. Just keep up routine maintenance and look out for leaks. Call a plumber and schedule plumbing services right away for irrigation leak repair and enjoy stress-free lawn care.

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Leaking Irrigation System – Signs That a Homeowner Should Look For

Leaks can be difficult to spot since irrigation systems lie underground. You will not see the water pipes and sprinkler heads unless you make an effort. Get familiar with telltale signs of damage. Below are some of the best indicators of an outdoor irrigation leak:

1. Dry Areas

image of a dry grass spot depicting the need for an irrigation leak repair

Leaks may prevent water from reaching the far ends of the irrigation system. After a while, you may notice that some areas are green and thriving while others are brown and dry. It provides a clue as to the location of the leaking pipe. Plumbers can locate the exact point and start digging to apply a remedy.

2. Pooling Around Sprinklers

If something is wrong with the sprinkler heads, they may fail to push the water outward. The liquid may leak and pool around the immediate vicinity instead of traveling several meters from the source. Only the grass around the sprinkler will appear dark green. Make it a habit to inspect all points of interest to check for puddles.

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3. Low Water Pressure

Leaks along the pipes will affect the entire system. Water pressure will drop, making it harder for the liquid to flow in certain areas. The reduced flow rate means the discharge from the sprinkler heads will start to decrease. If the pressure drop is severe, you may find that no water comes out at all. The system will no longer be effective. Get professional help to bring back normalcy.

4. Water Sprays

Irrigation systems spray water in specific spots to ensure maximum coverage. If you find water gushing out of a new section, it might be a burst pipe. It is a common situation after a long and cold winter. Frozen water can expand and cause cracks under pressure. Now that ice is gone, water is spraying out of the problem area. Damaged sprinkler heads and broken solenoid valves may also cause unintentional water sprays.

5. Uneven Grass Growth

The sprinklers should distribute water evenly across your lawn. Leaks lead to uneven distribution, such that one area receives more water. It enables grass to grow visibly taller than its surroundings. Monitoring grass growth is an easy way to spot anomalies in the irrigation system, although solving the leak is another matter. You may need professional assistance for efficient troubleshooting and lasting solutions.

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Why Homeowners Need to Fix A Leaking Irrigation Problem

Water leaks are among the most common household problems you will encounter. Defective faucets and shower heads are highly visible. You can see them and take care of them right away. Outdoor leaks are harder to spot because the damage often occurs deep underground. They don’t tend to be visible until the damage has gotten much worse. It means you cannot afford to sit around once you see an irrigation system leak. You must act quickly to fix the problem or deal with the following consequences:

1. Higher Water Bills

image of a homeowner calculating high water bills

Aside from the visible signs of a leak, you may find yourself dealing with an escalating amount in your monthly water bills. You may cope with the initial rise, but the figure may soar until your wallet can no longer afford to ignore it. Paying a professional plumber to solve the problem may be cheaper than doing nothing. You can stop the bleeding and return to reasonable utility payments.

2. Massive Water Waste

What makes the high bills worse? Most of the resources had gone to waste. Instead of getting a beautiful green lawn, you have a dry and patchy property with a faulty irrigation system. Some places are running low on fresh water, so everyone must do their part in conservation. Use what you need and minimize waste. Fix the leaks as fast as possible.

3. Reduced Curb Appeal

A nice lawn increases curb appeal and property value. Even if you are not keen on selling the house soon, it is good to know that it can fetch a high price for you, just in case. You will also have more confidence in inviting people over for gatherings. You can even hold parties outdoors and let people explore to their heart’s content. On the other hand, leaks can make you feel conscious.

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4. Water Issues Inside House

If the outdoor leaks get worse, the effects may spread indoors. Pressure can also drop within the water pipes of your plumbing system inside the house. It can make it harder to perform daily activities. If you have bathrooms on the second floor, you might find it harder to take a shower with the weak flow. Similar incidents may also occur elsewhere, depending on where the leaks are.

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Do not ignore leaks in the irrigation system. It is a costly and wasteful situation that calls for immediate action. If you suspect a leak, perform a visual inspection and write down your observations. Call a reputable plumber to discuss the matter. Professionals have the tools and experience to find the exact location of underground leaks. With the right solution, the leak will stop for good. The system will resume smooth operations.

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