How To Extend The Life Of Your Plumbing System

Plumbing problems are trivial when you’re a renter. You can always call the landlord and let them handle repairs. Things are different once you have a home. You can no longer pass the buck to other people. You are responsible for fixing the problem. The best way to cope? Focus on prevention. Anticipate issues and figure out ways to avoid them. This applies to your plumbing system as a whole. It will lower expenses, minimize headaches, and extend your plumbing life expectancy. The simple strategies listed below can go a long way towards stress-free home ownership.

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How To Improve Your Plumbing System’s Life Expectancy

Keep reading to explore how you can prevent plumbing issues and improve your plumbing system’s lifespan.

1. Don’t Flush the Trash or Jinx the Sink

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Everything in your home has a specific purpose. For example, toilets ensure the sanitary disposal of human waste. Do not flush napkins and wipes. These items tend to cause clogs in the pipes, rendering toilets unusable until plumbers come to fix the problem. The pipes may also sustain long-term damage if it happens often.

Make it a point to have a trash bin beside the toilet. If people have a convenient receptacle, they won’t be tempted to flush the trash. As for your kitchen sink, have a dedicated container for oil and grease so that these won’t clog the pipes. In the shower, use a drain mesh to catch hair and dirt.

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2. Post Reminders Around the Home

image of a sticky note depicting plumbing maintenance remindersYou may be diligent about learning how to prevent plumbing problems, but you can’t expect the same from other people. Talk to everyone in your household to make sure that you are all on the same page. Don’t just tell them what to do. You’ll get better cooperation if they understand the importance of these practices.

Better yet, print or write reminders and post these in different areas. People may forget the details over time. Visible instructions improve long-term compliance. These are particularly useful for guests who might not be familiar with your house rules. Most will follow if there are clear directions.

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3. Avoid Popular but Ineffective DIY Plumbing Fixes

You will see countless ads for anti-clog products. These are usually harsh chemicals formulated to melt everything in their path. Unfortunately, they will also damage the plumbing pipes as they make their way across the system. It’s not a good trade-off. They may solve your current problem, but they will make things worse for you in the future.

Don’t rely on these cheap DIY solutions. Plumbers have the tools and techniques necessary to remove obstacles without damaging the system. They work just as fast, thanks to their skills and experience. You can resume your regular household tasks right away with their help.

4. Look for Vulnerabilities In Your Plumbing System & Address Them

image of a garbage disposal leak

Do you live in an area where the temperature dips below zero? Your pipes might be vulnerable to freezing and bursting in winter. That’s because water expands as it turns to ice. The pressure may get too much for pipes to handle. Expect repairs to cost a fortune.

Prevent this by insulating the vulnerable sections of the plumbing system. Use appropriate material for local conditions. Call an experienced professional who is familiar with regional temperature fluctuations. Ask neighbors for referrals or seek out a reputable plumber online. For those who live in the Lehigh Valley, call Robinson Plumbing today!

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5. Don’t Ignore Subtle Signs of Trouble

Do you pay attention to changes around your home? Do you take immediate action when you see a problem? A lot of homeowners don’t. They ignore the subtle signs and symptoms, hoping that these will go away on their own. However, they often turn into something worse.

Negligence is often rooted in fear of high plumbing repair costs. What people need to realize is that a quick response usually results in lower expenses. It pays to be proactive. On the other hand, allowing problems to get worse means that you will probably have to pay more later to fix the damage. Put your plumber on speed dial to avoid this.

6. Clear the Areas Around Water Pipes

image of plumber repairing sink leak

There might be leaks that you are not aware of. Most of your pipes are hidden by walls and cabinets, so it may take time for you to notice holes and cracks. That’s unfortunate because the damage will just keep on getting worse. Unexplained pools of water on the floor may finally make them obvious. Soaring water bills are also major clues.

Give yourself a direct line of sight to the pipes whenever possible. Move cleaning products and other items under the sinks to a different area. Keep these sections clutter-free so you can detect leaks right away. Plumbers will also appreciate the easy access once they come to fix the problem.

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7. Schedule Periodic Plumbing Maintenance

You do not have to wait for an emergency before calling a plumber. You can schedule annual maintenance as the ultimate prevention strategy. Plumbers can perform extensive cleaning and thorough inspections. They can spot issues that regular people with untrained eyes don’t even notice.

Professional maintenance is particularly useful for larger homes with complex plumbing systems, as well as older homes that are prone to leaks and other forms of damage. Plumbers can help extend the life of the system so you won’t have to pay for a complete overhaul any time soon.



A plumbing system’s lifespan can be several decades with proper design, installation, and maintenance. As the current homeowner, you have the greatest influence on the maintenance. Take good care of your system by implementing best practices, acting quickly, and getting the help of a professional when troubles arise.

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