7 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

image of sun and lawn depicting plumbing problems in summer

Every season brings its own challenges for homeowners. These arise from the unique environmental conditions, as well as the activities in and around the house. Now that summer is starting, do everything possible to make your home ready for the season. It’s not just about dealing with the heat with the help of your air conditioner. You must also anticipate the common summer plumbing problems. After all, most households experience a drastic increase in water consumption due to frequent showers, regular cleaning, and routine plant care. These activities stress the plumbing system and can come with some issues, including plumbing repairs.

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Common Plumbing Issues That Happen During Summer

In this article, we discuss some common plumbing problems that homeowners face when summer temperatures rise.

1. Blocked Garbage Disposal

Which activities are common in your home during summer? For many, it is the season for picnics, cookouts, block parties, outdoor grilling, and other food-centric events. Aside from meats, you may also see a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on the table thanks to the summer harvest. The quantity and quality of the food you serve can cause issues with your garbage disposal unit. Items that are hard to process such as fruit stones, melon rinds, corn cobs, and meat grease can clog this up. If you wish to prevent this issue, then make it a habit to run cold water before and after usage.

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2. Backed Up Toilets

Students normally take a break during summer. This means that the kids will spend more time at home, using all the facilities more frequently. They might even invite their friends over to play and hang out. Adults might also welcome more guests during the season. Toilets could get clogged if the people throw items that are not supposed to go into the bowl. It doesn’t hurt to hang reminders for everyone. Be sure to check the condition of the handles, chains, and flappers as well. Increased use can hasten wear and tear. These might need repairs or replacement after intense summer activities.

3. Sprinkler Problems

image of a sprinkler head depicting water leak

Lawns and gardens will need a lot of water to prevent plants from drying out. Sprinklers make this easy since the heads can cover a wide area without much fuss. However, these can suffer under the increased foot traffic around the lawn. A person might step on these sprinkler heads, trigger cracks due to the pressure, and cause a water leak. You might not immediately notice the water coming out since the ground will absorb the moisture. It is also expected for the surroundings of sprinkler heads to be moist. One of the biggest clues is the sudden increase in your water bill.

4. Overused Washing Machines

You will sweat more during summer, and this tends to make you feel uncomfortable in your clothes. This is true whether you are simply walking around or playing a sport. Hence, you might find yourself changing your outfit more often. You could also engage in more activities with each requiring different sets of clothes. With everyone in the family experiencing the same thing, expect the laundry area to get busy. The washing machine might get overloaded and overused because of the mountain of clothes waiting to get cleaned. Check for leaks in the hose as this can get worse over time.

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5. Sump Pump

Basements are vulnerable to flooding because of their low placement. If your house has one, then you need to do everything possible to prevent this. Aim for quality waterproofing along the walls and floor. You should also have a reliable sump pump. This can keep the basement dry even if it rains hard. Summer tends to get a lot of precipitation, so prepare the pump for intense work. If you do not maintain it diligently, then it might fail when you need it the most. You will be left with a flooded basement that can become a health hazard.

6. Outdoor Tap Leaks

A water spigot with a green hose springs a leak

Your outdoor faucets are likely to see a lot of use in the summer. After all, you will be watering the plants and washing the car more often. You might also need water for outdoor activities. Make sure to close the outdoor spigot tightly after use to minimize water waste. Be mindful of water leaks due to faulty pipes and faucets as well. If you see any problems, then call a plumber for help. Experts can stop the leaks immediately and prevent them from recurring.

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7. Slow Drain Showers

Shower drains will not get fully clogged right away. You will first see the water draining slower than usual before it worsens to a complete blockage. Clumps of hair, dirt, and debris may cause a clogged drain to happen. Make it a point to clean the drain regularly for prevention. If the problem persists, then stay patient. Don’t use chemical cleaners to remove the obstructions. They are not the ideal solution for this situation. They will only wear the pipes out and cause more problems in the future. Call a plumber to help you solve the problem in a more effective manner.



Summer forces people into excessive reliance on water. Plumbing systems are resilient, but they can reach their limits if subjected to high stress throughout the season. Now that you know the common summer plumbing problems, you can begin to take deliberate steps to prevent them. In case you still end up with any of these issues, talk to a reputable plumber. Experts have the knowledge, experience, and equipment required to solve plumbing dilemmas efficiently. They can even give you useful tips and tricks, as well as clear explanations for a better understanding of all the issues.

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