Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Drains?

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Clogged drains can make life very inconvenient for you especially if you don’t have basic repair tools or skills to unclog a blocked drain. A clogged sink drain can make even the most basic tasks, like washing your face or washing the dishes, impossible to do until you get the problem sorted out. Clogged drains can also cause your kitchen or bathroom to flood, causing water damage in the affected areas of your home.

One common question we are asked is “Does hydrogen peroxide clean drains?”. When it concerns a difficult clogged drain, sometimes the best solution is to call a plumber. Do not use liquid drain cleaners as you are potentially making the problems worse while putting toxic chemicals into the water system. To prevent clogged drains, you can use the help of hydrogen peroxide. Read on to know why hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular solutions for clogged drains and how you can properly use it to fix a blocked drain.

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Hydrogen Peroxide & Clogged Drains: Does It Work?

Hydrogen peroxide has long been used as the go-to drain cleaner in many households throughout the years. For one, it is cheaper than most commercial drain cleaners. It is also less destructive compared to commercial drain cleaners which often contain unknown, toxic chemicals. Commercial cleaners may also be harmful to the planet and animal life that is exposed to them, which makes them a less ideal option for regular use at home.

Hydrogen peroxide is very affordable and accessible. It is sold in most supermarkets and pharmacies and can be used with basic safety gear and precautions. Hydrogen is also used for various other purposes at home. You likely already have a bottle of peroxide at home, ready to use when needed.

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How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Unclog Your Drains

Hydrogen peroxide works by eating any organic matter that is clogging up the drains. It dissolves organic matter, turning it into smaller pieces that are easier to flush out. This makes it effective at dissolving food gunk or balls of hair that often clog drains.

Hydrogen peroxide works best when used alongside baking soda. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Next, pour in 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Foam will start forming as the baking soda and the peroxide start mixing. The bubbling action will help agitate the organic debris that’s clogging your drain.

For best results, leave the drain overnight or avoid using it for a few hours if you are doing this during the day. After 6-8 hours, pour hot water down the drain. Hot water can help dissolve the organic matter and flush everything out. By this time, the peroxide and the baking soda should have done their magic and turned your pesky clog into a soft gooey mush that is easier to flush out.

If this solution does not work the first time, you can repeat the process again. The good thing about this mixture is that it is not corrosive which means your drain pipes are safe from corrosion and other damage.


How Often Should You Use Hydrogen Peroxide On Your Drains?

You can use hydrogen peroxide even if you don’t have a clogged drain. You can do a hydrogen peroxide flush every two weeks to keep your drains free from organic debris. Regular flushing prevents the accumulation of gunk and bacteria in your drains which keeps bad drain odors at bay. You also prolong the life of your pipes if you regularly clean them.

It is important to note that hydrogen peroxide is a skin irritant. It can cause irritation and even skin rashes when it gets into contact with your skin. Wear gloves and even eye goggles when using peroxide to clean your drains.

Drains Still Blocked? Time to Call A Professional Plumber

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If the drain remains clogged even after you have flushed it out multiple times, it may be time to call a professional. You may be dealing with a blockage that can’t be broken down by hydrogen peroxide. It is common for objects like plastic bottle caps, rings, and small plastic toys to fall down the sink and clog your drains. In cases like these, your plumber will need to open up your pipes and manually remove the object causing the blockage.

Damage to your plumbing system could also be causing the blockage. Some parts may need repairs or replacements especially if you are dealing with an older plumbing system. These issues are often too complicated to repair with your basic tools and may need sophisticated and professional solutions that only your plumber can provide. Never attempt to use DIY fixes for complicated issues like these because you can make the problem worse and end up paying more for repairs down the road.

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Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap, accessible, and effective solution for your run-of-the-mill drain clogs. Unlike chemical drain cleaners, hydrogen peroxide won’t destroy your pipes and drains. It is safe for regular use so you can do a hydrogen peroxide flush once every few weeks to keep your drains and pipes in good shape. However, for more complicated issues, it is always better to call your plumber. Your plumber is the best person to call because he has the skills, experience, and tools required to sort out your plumbing issues. You are also assured of professional results when you go to a professional plumber for repairs.

Get in touch with your plumber right away if you want a prompt and professional solution for a blocked drain and other plumbing problems.

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