Is It Important To Track How Much Water Your Household Consumes?

image of a water meter depicting household water consumptionAre you aware of your monthly water consumption? Some people go about their daily lives without paying much attention to it. Others are becoming more sensitive to the situation due to financial and ecological concerns. In this article, we discuss the importance of tracking household water consumption and the ways in which plumbers can help you with monitoring.

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The Benefits of Monitoring Household Water Consumption

It all begins with awareness. Once you know how your actions affect the results, you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Consider consumption monitoring to get the following benefits:

1. Conserve Water, A Precious Resource

image of child hands holding water depicting conserve water concept

Most think of water as an abundant resource. After all, 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in it. However, much of that is saltwater. If you drink it, then you’ll find yourself peeing continuously until dehydration sets in. You’ll get even more thirsty instead of feeling quenched. The truth is that only 3.5% of available water is fit to drink. Increasing populations and higher industrial use are threatening our limited supply of freshwater. Household consumption monitoring boosts conservation.

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2. Quickly Detect Water Leaks

water leak

Water leaks aren’t always visible. Some of the damaged pipes might be buried underground or encased in walls. Hidden from view, you won’t know that these are wasting massive amounts of water. Monitoring helps with quick detection and intervention. Call a plumber whenever you notice an unusual spike in the data. Do this immediately because leaks will only get worse with time.

3. Enhance Plumbing Efficiency

If you live in an old home, then your plumbing fixtures are probably old and worn. They are also inefficient because standard designs aren’t optimized for efficiency. If you switch to newer fixtures, then you will lower consumption without changing your daily routine. It’s a painless change. You can confirm the results through water monitoring devices.

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4. Push Down Utility Costs

image of a woman paying affordable water heating bills after on-demand water heater installation

All else being equal, reducing your water consumption should push down utility costs. You can help the environment while enjoying financial benefits, and who wouldn’t want that? Even if you are using a private well, you can still save money from the pump’s lower electricity consumption.

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How to Track Water Usage

You can track consumption in two ways. One is purely theoretical, while the other is more practical. Let’s learn more about them below.

1. Making an Estimate

image of water bills depicting water-saving concept

Gather all your past water bills in one pile. These will show you the total household consumption per month across the years. However, they won’t break down usage per fixture. You can make estimates from known average values. For example, toilets and showers are usually the biggest consumers. As you implement new conservation habits, you can track the corresponding effects on the bills.

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2. Using Monitoring Devices

If you want more accurate data, then invest in water monitoring products. Install one per fixture to measure specific consumption volume. Smart products can send data to a mobile app for convenience. Whole-home solutions with shut-off valves are also available for leak detection. Some insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners that install these since they prevent expensive water damage claims.

Water Intake Calculator

Water Intake Calculator

The Importance of Making Your Home Water-Efficient

In 2016, research pegged the average US household consumption at 300 gallons per day. It is probably higher today because more people are working and studying from home. Efficient water consumption can help lower bills, which should be a welcome development in the face of soaring inflation.


1. Avoid Evaporation When Watering Your Lawn

If you need towater your lawn to keep it clean and green, then do so, but timing is important. If you water while it’s hot, then evaporation may limit absorption. You’ll have to use more water while fighting the sun. Do this early in the morning or late in the afternoon for better efficiency. Avoid watering around noontime.

2. Automate with Dishwasher Instead of Manual Washing

image of a woman using a dishwasher

Manually washing the dishes might save a bit of electricity, but it would consume more water than automating the process with a dishwasher. Get a good balance by loading up your dishwasher to its full capacity each time. This will reduce the cycles needed while reducing water consumption.

3. Run the Washing Machine with Full Loads

The same is true for washing clothes. Use the machine instead of washing by hand whenever possible. Run with full loads and check for leaks. Keeping the light-colored and dark-colored clothes separate may not be necessary. If you have washed these before, then you can be confident about mixing them up. Use cold water to prevent color bleed.

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4. Install a Tankless Water Heater

image of an automatic or tankless water heater

Instead of using a water heater with a storage tank, install a tankless or on-demand water heater in your home. It will give you hot water on-demand, thus reducing cold water waste while you wait. Tankless water heaters are small and easy to fit in any space.

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5. Install a Rainwater Harvesting System

If you really want to lower consumption, maximize free water from the rain. Install a rainwater harvesting system that collects the run-off from your roof and stores the liquid. Start small with a barrel under your gutter. If you want a more advanced system, then get the help of an experienced plumber.



Don’t take anything for granted. Conserve water for sustainability and save money in the process. It doesn’t take a lot to get significant results. Start by tweaking your habits around chores. If you have the budget, then install better fixtures. Implement continuous monitoring to maintain awareness and detect leaks as soon as possible.

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