Is It Time To Replace My Water Heater?

image of question marks depicting when to replace water heaterWater heaters are a crucial household appliance in almost every home. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to this important appliance so you can address any plumbing issues at their first sign. Also, be aware of its age, as being proactive and knowing when to replace water heater when it reaches the end of its lifespan can save you a lot of headaches. This article discusses what to look for deciding between a water heater repair vs. replacement.

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacing

Here are several aspects to look into when your water heater needs a replacement:

Your Water Heater Is Over 10 Years Old

image of an old hot water heater that needs a replacement

A water heater over a decade old likely needs a replacement. Instead of paying for expensive water heater repairs, consider saving up and buying a new water heater. New models can be 20% more efficient than older ones. More than the peace of mind and making life more convenient, a new water heater will help save you a lot of money every month. You can continue to use your old water heater until you purchase and install a new one.

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Rusty Water

rusty water flowing from a tap due to old water heater

Several reasons can cause water to be discolored, and your water heater is one of them. If rust-colored water comes out of your faucet, check where it is coming from. If there is rust in cold water, it is likely due to the pipes. However, your water heater is likely the culprit if hot water is discolored.

Unusual Water Heater Noises

image of homeowner covering ears due to water heater noises

Houses, especially older ones, make noise. However, you can spot its regular noise from one that signals something is wrong if you’ve lived there long enough. Water heaters are the same. They can make strange noises, such as bangs, clunks, and creaks that point to a problem the water heater is experiencing. A professional plumber can help you determine the source of the water heater noise for you.

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Frequent Water Heater Breakdowns

The best indicator that you need to replace your water heater is when it breaks down frequently. Water heaters don’t have a lot of moving components. Therefore, they shouldn’t break down regularly. The only time the system shouldn’t be in operation is when it is receiving routine maintenance. If you have a water heater that breaks down often, it may be time to get a replacement, especially if it’s nearly ten years old or older.

Leaking Water Heater Tank

The tank may have worn out as time passes, meaning the base of the water heater tank leaks water. All you can do is get a water heater replacement if this is the case. You can attempt to plug the water heater leak so you can continue to use the water heater. However, the problem will reoccur, especially if you have a decade-old unit.


When To Repair Vs. Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Here are several guidelines on when to repair versus replace your water heater:

Water Heater’s Age

A typical electric- or gas-powered water heater will last for 8 to 12 years before it needs replacing. Solar and tankless water heaters have a lifespan of up to 20 years if maintained properly.
The age of the water heater should be considered when deciding whether to repair or replace it. The water heater may not be worth repairing if it is near the end of its typical lifespan. The problems have a high chance of popping up the more it is used. It may be more economical to replace the water heater instead of wasting money on costly repairs. You will also have peace of mind when you have a new unit.

However, it may be less costly to repair a water heater that’s less than five years old than to get a total hot water heater replacement. It may also still be under warranty, so the repair may not cost you anything at all, depending on the problem. Remember that most manufacturers need regular maintenance checks from a licensed professional plumber to ensure the warranty doesn’t become void. Annual water heater maintenance checks should be enough for most manufacturers but double-check it to be sure.

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The Water Heater Issue At Hand

Not all water heater problems are expensive, as some can be relatively inexpensive to resolve. For instance, broken pressure relief valves, heating elements, thermostats, and other small components are easy to replace and not worth getting rid of the entire system.

On the other hand, you most likely need a replacement if there are fractures, leaks, or water heater rust. A professional can give you an estimated cost of repair versus the replacement cost if you are uncertain about what to do.

How Long You Plan To Stay In Your Home

If repairing the water heater can help it operate for several more years, and you plan to move soon, it makes sense to get a repair instead of a replacement. However, if you are going to live in your home for the long term, weigh the costs between short-term repairs and a more long-term replacement solution.


Replacing Your Water Heater

Assess your home needs before buying a new water heater. Your hot water needs may have changed, so ensure that you install a heater that can meet your needs economically. For example, you need to purchase a heater that can hold at least 50 gallons of water if your family has increased in size. Whereas, consider getting a smaller one if the kids have already moved out. Make sure to hire a reputable plumbing company to install your water heater.

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