Is Your Water Bill Higher Than Normal?

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Every household develops its own water usage patterns. Once consumption stabilizes, bills become predictable month after month. If your latest water bill is much higher than expected, then something must be off. Don’t ignore the anomaly because the situation could get worse over time. Find out what the problem is with the help of an experienced plumber and fix it right away. Read on to learn more about the possible causes and solutions for a high water bill.

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High Water Bill: What To Consider

Below, we share some of the reasons that your water bill may be higher than normal.

1. Seasonal Fluctuations

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It’s important to stay calm and figure out the logical reasons for the sudden uptick. Some problems are easy to explain through environmental changes. For example, the summer months are much hotter so people tend to shower more frequently. Lawns and gardens also dry up faster, thus needing more water to prevent wilting. In homes with pools, higher use means more cleaning and refilling. Be patient, as things should normalize after the season.

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2. New Household Members

Were there more people in your home in the past month? Maybe a friend or relative stayed there for a long time during their vacation. Perhaps the kids are on a break from school because of the holidays. You may have adopted pet dogs from a shelter. All of these can contribute to greater water consumption. Every additional member of the household will need water for bathing, cleaning, eating, and so on. Adjust your budget accordingly.

3. New Household Equipment

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Think carefully about your new acquisitions in the past month. Did you purchase equipment that uses up a lot of water? Examples are irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, swimming pools, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and pressure washers. If you really need these, go on and use them. Just make sure that you are utilizing them efficiently. If you are shopping for replacements, find items marked with the WaterSense logo to ensure minimal consumption.

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4. Leaky Toilets

High water bills are often caused by leaks. Water will quickly escape through cracks and gaps along its containers. Inspect the most vulnerable areas of your home, starting with the toilet. Nearly a third of household consumption comes from toilets, which everyone visits multiple times a day. Leaks can result in up to 6,000 gallons of wasted water each month. If replacing a faulty flapper doesn’t appeal to you, then ask a plumber to step in.

5. Leaky Faucets

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Faucets are there to give us water on demand. They start and stop according to our whims. However, sometimes these mechanical fixtures lose the ability to stop water from gushing out completely. It may begin with a few water drops, but the leak will eventually get worse. The same is true for shower heads. The solution ranges from replacing the rubber washer to installing a new faucet. Let a plumber help you with the task.

6. Leaky Appliances

If you can’t find the leak in obvious spots, then perhaps these are hidden in corners and closets. Consider the possibility that water is pouring out of your washing machine without your knowledge. You may have to pull up your sleeves and get the machine out of its current location to check the water lines. The same may be true for the dishwasher, so check this from time to time. Replace older models with high-efficiency units.

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7. Leaky Irrigation

Watering a wide lawn can be a hassle. You need to do it every day to keep your property looking great. An irrigation system can take care of this automatically so you can focus on more important matters. However, it is not a perfect system. Loose joints and line cracks can result in outdoor leaks. These are harder to see since most pipes are buried underground. You could investigate oddly damp spots and lush grassy areas.


8. Faulty Lateral Line

The lateral line is the underground pipe that connects the water meter and your home. Its location and installation are comparable to the irrigation lines, so the symptoms are similar. However, this line tends to be older such that aging pipes are the common culprit. Surrounding tree roots can also squeeze and crack the pipes. Earthquakes and animal activity can contribute to the damage. This problem requires the attention of a professional plumber.

9. Aging Plumbing Fixtures

If you bought an older home, then you are probably dealing with old plumbing fixtures. They may be succumbing to corrosion and leaking at multiple points. Their outdated design may also be inefficient, costing you lots of money due to high water consumption. Consider hiring a plumber to place these with modern low-flow toilets, aerator faucets, and efficient showerheads. They will look great and save you money through lower water consumption.

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10. Faulty Water Meter

If you have performed a thorough inspection without finding any leak or fault, then the problem may not be within your property. Perhaps the sudden surge in water consumption is due to an erroneous reading by a faulty water meter. It may be rare but it does happen. Some meters are poorly designed and manufactured. They break down easily, especially when subjected to extreme environmental conditions. A professional plumber can confirm this with tests, after which you may contact the water company to provide a replacement.



If you do your best to save water, it can be shocking to see a sudden spike on your bill. Stay calm and think about the logical causes. Perhaps recent household changes contributed to the surge. You can also hire a plumber to investigate the matter and perform the necessary repairs. With the help of a professional, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

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