Is Your Toilet Leaking At The Base?

image of a toilet leaking at its base

A working toilet is a must for every home or commercial building. While they do perform an important service, they are often overlooked. That is until something goes wrong. One of the most common issues with toilets is a toilet leaking at base. It could start gradually, which means it may not be noticed right away. However, in some cases, water may just seep out and cause minor flooding in the bathroom.

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Why A Leaking Toilet At The Base Is A Problem

Water leaking from a toilet presents a number of problems. First, there is the expense associated with waste. On average, a leaking toilet can waste around 200 gallons of water on a daily basis and this will depend on the severity of the leak. In just a month’s time, you could pay an extra $60 to $70 a month for water you never used.

A flooded bathroom floor also presents a safety issue. Wet tiles are slippery and could cause accidents. Furthermore, a humid environment such as the bathroom that is often wet could promote the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew. Constant flooding of the floors can also promote the growth of algae. This is not only unsightly and unsanitary but also makes the floor slippery.

Speaking of bacteria, toilet water is not clean water. There is a good chance that the water is unsanitary and could lead to health issues. Water that pools on the floor for long periods of time could also increase the likelihood of water damage to the floor and the walls. It could take a while but if the plumbing problem lasts for several days or weeks, there could be extensive damage that is not only difficult to fix but also costs several hundred dollars in materials and labor.

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What Causes A Leaky Toilet Base?

There are several reasons why the toilet is leaking at the base. Some issues are mild and easy to fix at home while others are more serious and could lead to more serious damage. Some of the most common causes of a leak at the toilet base include:

Toilet Condensation

Condensation that collects at the base of the toilet is more a minor nuisance than a problem. Condensation usually occurs in humid environments such as the bathroom. If this is the cause of the water around the base of the toilet bowl, you can heave a sigh of relief because it merely requires you to wipe down the excess moisture from time to time.

Failed Toilet Seal

The most common cause of a leak at the base of the toilet bowl is a damaged seal. The toilet seat is secured in place by a wax toilet ring seal. This seal keeps water within the toilet bowl away from the external environment. If this seal becomes damaged or fails, then water will seep into the floor. If you see water coming from under the toilet, this is likely the cause.

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Cracked Toilet Tank

A cracked toilet tank is also a cause of a leaky toilet. Cracks are usually caused by age (prevalent among older toilets), accidents, and impact. Even if the initial crack is hairline-thin, it could worsen over time, often because of water pressure. If the crack appears above the waterline, it’s usually safe and could be left untouched. However, if the crack progresses below the waterline, it could expand and cause a leak.


Loose Toilet Bolts

The toilet seat is held to the floor by bolts. You can find these bolts by looking behind a panel or locating plastic caps on the bottom part of the bowl. A well-secured toilet bowl should be held in place securely and it should not move or budge. If it does and water is leaking from it, it is likely that the bolts are out of place.

Loose Or Damaged Toilet Water Hose

Old water hoses can become worn down or damaged and begin to leak. Since these hoses supply water to the toilet, the worn portions can cause water to leak or drip. When the water collects in the area surrounding the toilet bowl, it is often easy to blame the leak on the tank or the bowl itself. The hoses will have to be replaced to fix this problem.

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Can A Leaky Toilet Be Fixed With A DIY Solution?

Other than a problem with condensation, other causes of a leak at the toilet base should be repaired by a professional plumber. The toilet set up can look deceptively simple but it is actually a very complex system that has multiple independent parts that work together to ensure that the whole unit is working properly. Although very minor issues could probably respond to a DIY approach but problems with the toilet are better off left to the professionals.

A plumber is trained in the proper setup and function of the toilet system and has a better understanding of the complicated design of the unit. Keep in mind that a repair done improperly can cause more serious (and costly) problems down the line. A trained and experienced plumber can diagnose the issue correctly, identify the source of the problem, and implement the proper solution. At the first sign of a leaky toilet base that is not caused by condensation, give your local plumber a call immediately. You will not only save on cost and worry, but you can also save a toilet that is still functional and reliable.

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