Scariest Creatures That Can Crawl Up Your Toilet

rat in toilet

While the toilet is among the few places where you can enjoy some privacy and quiet amid the fast-moving world, it’s not completely safe considering scary creatures can crawl through the plumbing system and up the toilet bowl. For instance, in 2020, a man in Texas witnessed a snake emerging from his toilet drain, as reported by the New York Post. It is important to note that such incidents tend to increase during summer and winter. During these seasons, creatures increasingly look for safe and comfortable hiding places to shield themselves from harsh weather. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the scariest animals in toilets, and how a professional plumber can help.

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What Animals Can Crawl Up The Toilet?

Keep reading to find out which animals can use your toilet as an entryway into your home.

Rats In Toilet

Typically, rodents are among the most common causes of wear and tear in plumbing systems. More specifically, they nibble on pipes, make holes on surfaces, and enter the sewerage system. In turn, they cause leaks in the system.

Due to the prevalence of rats in the sanitary systems across the country, you may encounter one in your toilet bowl at some point. Take note that some may create a habitat in your drainage system and even multiply, interfering with the flow of water. As such, do not ignore the possibility of having other rats inside the plumbing system in case you find one in the toilet bowl.

Rat Snakes

snake coming up the toilet

While rat snakes are non-venomous, per the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), finding one resting on your toilet bowl is a scary sight. Rat snakes usually feed on rats and other rodents. Considering the plumbing system is also a common habitat for rodents, it shouldn’t be a surprise when you find snakes in the drainage system or even your toilet bowl. Snakes can also invade your plumbing system in search of warmth and water depending on the season. Take note that while rat snakes are non-poisonous, they can puncture wounds, scratches, and bruises on your body, and hence, watch out for them.

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According to the University of Florida, tree frogs like invading toilets, and can cause clogging of drains and other plumbing problems. The good news is that while frogs have poison glands beneath their skin, the toxins produced are usually too weak to harm humans. However, some frog species can produce toxins that can humans as well as pets. If you spot a frog in your toilet bowl, it is an indication that there could be more inside the plumbing system. As such, ensure you contact a professional plumber to come and remove them as well as seal the holes in the drainage system to avoid further invasion.


Although squirrels seem like beautiful and harmless creatures, you probably don’t want them inside your toilet bowl. This is because they can cause clogging in your drain and nipple on the pipes, creating openings for invasion of more harmful creatures. That said, if you spot a squirrel in your toilet, contact a qualified plumber to come and get rid of it as well as seal any openings present.



Also known as possums, opossums are creatures in the marsupial’s family that may find their way into your plumbing system through holes in the sewer line. These creatures are not harmful although they may clog your drain and cause further wear and tear in the plumbing system. As such, it is prudent to keep them out of your toilet bowl and the rest of the plumbing system. In case an opossum finds its way up to your toilet bowl, ensure an expert plumber removes it as well as others that may be inside the drain.

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Rainbow Boas

This is a species of Boas that can also be found inside your toilet drain. While they are non-venomous, they are just as deadly. More specifically, rainbow boas kill by coiling themselves around the prey, just like pythons. Worse still, they hide and ambush their prey.

It is worth noting that a clean toilet bowl does not guarantee your safety. A deadly creature could be lurking inside the drain waiting for you to sit on the bowl. With this in mind, always have a qualified plumber inspect your plumbing system regularly to ensure that no creature lives inside. Typically, sealing holes in the plumbing system, replacing old pipes, and regular preventive maintenance can help keep such creatures at bay.

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If you have herpetophobia, finding a lizard inside your toilet bowl can affect you badly. While these creatures may not harm you physically, they can trigger anxiety attacks, which are still bad for you. Take note that the presence of lizards in your toilet bowl shows that there could be an opening in your plumbing system that needs fixing. In such a case, hire a certified plumber to inspect your plumbing system for openings and conduct the necessary repairs.



Some of the scariest creatures that can crawl up your toilet include the ones discussed in this article. With this in mind, be vigilant whenever using the toilet, especially during severe weather. Additionally, in case you find any of these creatures inside your toilet bowl, ensure you contact a qualified plumber immediately.

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