7 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

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Bathroom plumbing problems can occur without warning. Therefore, to avoid potentially expensive repairs, you should schedule regular professional plumbing maintenance. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that if left unattended, seemingly small plumbing issues can cause serious structural damage over time. Therefore, take care of any plumbing issues as soon as you notice them. With that in mind, here’s a look at seven common bathroom plumbing problems that require professional attention.

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7 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

In this article, we discuss the top seven bathroom plumbing problems that homeowners experience.

A Slow-Draining Tub, Sink, or Shower

Debris such as soap, hair, and small objects can clog the drain system in your bathroom, causing your bathroom fixtures to drain slowly. If left unattended, this could lead to plumbing disasters. Additionally, a slow drain creates an ideal environment for pathogens such as mold, mildew, and bacterial to thrive. These pathogens can cause myriad health issues including allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Therefore, if you cannot easily remove the item that’s causing the blockage, you should call a professional plumber to fix the problem. You should also call a professional plumber in case of recurring clogs. Additionally, avoid using caustic drain cleaners because they can damage your pipes, especially if you use them regularly. To avoid damaging your pipes, hire a qualified plumber for the job.

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Running Toilet

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A running toilet is a more serious problem than a leaking toilet. Depending on the water pressure to your home, a running toilet can waste up to 6480 gallons of water every day, causing your water bill to increase by about $60 every day the problem remains unattended. While this plumbing issue is mainly associated with a faulty flapper valve, the actual cause can be difficult to determine, and therefore, you should get a professional plumber to diagnose and fix the problem. In fact, if you notice damage to the flushing mechanism, gasket, pipes, or interior of your toilet, you should call a certified plumber.

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Dripping Faucets

leaking faucet

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a dripping faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year, which is more than the amount of water needed for 180 showers. Moreover, a dripping faucet is generally unpleasant to hear.

Common causes of leaks in faucets include old and worn gaskets and washers. The washer is the rubber material that usually prevents water from coming out of a faucet when it’s turned off. While this material is susceptible to normal wear and tear, it’s particularly prone to drying, cracking, and leaking when used infrequently. However, leaks in faucets are sometimes a warning of serious plumbing problems such as a broken valve, high water pressure, or poor drainage. Because of this, you should contact a qualified plumber to investigate the cause and resolve the problem.

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Low Water Pressure

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Because so many factors can cause low water pressure in your home, identifying the actual cause can be difficult, especially if you lack the right tools and knowledge. Possible causes of low water pressure include sediment build-up in faucet aerators, faulty fixtures, and leaking pipes. If the problem has nothing to do with your water supplier, confirm both your water valves are fully open. If they’re both open, then you should call a professional plumber to investigate and fix the problem. Remember, low water pressure can be a sign of another problem within your plumbing system such as leaking pipes or a clog. A certified plumber would not only be able to identify the problem, but also fix it.

No Hot Water

If you get no hot water after turning on your hot water faucets, chances are your water heater is not working due to one reason or another. For instance, if it’s a gas-powered heater, the problem could stem from a faulty thermocouple or extinguished pilot light. If it’s an electric water heater, a faulty heating element could be the culprit. Another possible cause of this problem is the accumulation of sediment in the hot water storage tank. In general, if the problem stems from anything else other than an extinguished pilot light, you should contact a professional plumber to fix the problem.

Clogged Toilet

image of a homeowner with a clogged toilet and plungerA clogged toilet is one type of clog you should deal with immediately because otherwise, you’d not be able to enjoy your bathroom properly. The reasons for a clogged toilet range from build-up, obstructions, and improper plumbing. If the blockage in your toilet is local, you can use a plunger to resolve the problem. Otherwise, you should call a professional plumber to fix the problem. In the latter case, a plumber would likely need to remove the toilet and use a sewer rod to unclog it.

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Sewer Smells

A sewer smell in your bathroom is likely a sign of more serious problems in your plumbing system. It’s worth noting that sewer smell contains high amounts of a highly flammable and potentially toxic gas called methane. In large quantities, methane can cause a variety of health problems including nausea, dizziness, headaches, and even suffocation. Because of this, you should not ignore a sewer smell in your bathroom. Instead, you should hire a certified plumber to discover the source of the smell and then take the necessary measures to resolve the problem.



The seven common bathroom plumbing problems include sewer smells, a clogged toilet, no hot water, low water pressure, dripping faucets, running toilets, and slow-draining bathroom fixtures. All these problems require the attention of a professional plumber.

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