Why Should You Care About Your Plumbing System’s Angle Stops?

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Plumbing may not be the most exciting part of your home, but it is essential for a livable dwelling. Learn about its components to have an easier time dealing with inevitable issues. In this article, we focus on angle stops and their importance in the proper function of a plumbing system.

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What are Angle Stops?

An angle stop is a type of shut-off valve, which means that it can make the flow of water cease by blocking the path. It is a useful tool for controlling the plumbing system and performing common tasks. Look under your sink or toilet to check for angle stops. Test them by doing a full or partial turn and see what happens.

You can shop for shut-off valves in your local hardware stores. Some have a straight design which makes them suitable for lines moving up from the floor. Others, such as angle stops, have a bend that is perfect for water lines coming from the wall. If you are not sure what to use, consult your trusted plumber.

These stops are often made of plastic or metal. The former is cheaper, but it may not last long. Consider the cost of frequent replacement. Metal stops are more durable, but you should still check the product quality and brand reputation. Spending a little more can result in a much longer service life.

These may be small but they perform a big job around your home. Standard sizes include one-fourth inch, one-half inch, and three-eighth inch. The right choice depends on the existing water pipes. Your plumber will ensure compatibility in every area. Having a main shut-off valve is not enough. Install one stop for each of your appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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The Importance of Angle Stops

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You will begin to appreciate the true value of angle stops once you encounter problems with the plumbing system. They provide unmatched water management and equipment isolation. They can turn major emergencies into minor inconveniences. Read on to learn more about you can do with these stops:

1. Stop Leaks Immediately

Are you having trouble closing your faucets? Older ones have trouble completely stopping the flow of water. Droplets of water may keep moving down no matter what you try. Leaks like this can get worse over time. Angle stops give you another point of closure so you don’t have to worry about it.

2. Hasten Troubleshooting

You might find a pool of water in your house with no obvious source. Perhaps the damaged pipe is inside the walls or the floor. You could turn off the main valve to stop this type of leak, but that means you can’t wash dishes, water plants, or take a shower. With angle stops, you can keep the main valve open and isolate the problem. The plumber can take it from there while you wait for a permanent fix.

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3. Enjoy Stress-free Renovations

Angle stops make it possible to renovate sections of the home while keeping other parts livable. You don’t have to move out as the contractor makes changes to your kitchen or bathroom. The valves will stop the flow wherever and whenever necessary without interrupting daily use in other rooms. You can always replace broken fixtures without making a mess.

4. Conserve Water

Homes waste significant amounts of water every day. It does not help in times of drought. If you want to conserve water, install angle stops and make use of them regularly. Pay attention to your toilet because it is one of the biggest water wasters, leading to high water bills. Toilet leaks are hard to spot unless you investigate. Once you confirm it, shut off the valve before you go to sleep and seek advice from your plumber to stop further water waste.


How Often Should You Change Angle Stops?

You can expect to get eight to ten years of service from high-quality angle stops. Cheaper ones could malfunction earlier. Extreme weather may also shorten their lifespan. Even if you do not need to use your stops, try to turn them about once a month or so to prevent them from getting stuck. If the knobs are not budging, call a professional for repair or replacement.

Signs that You Need an Angle Stop Replacement

1. Seized Knobs

Angle stops should be easy to turn when you need it. After all, it is there to help you during plumbing emergencies. Do not wait for a leak before using it the first time. Otherwise, you might find that the knob is unresponsive. Turn it every month or every quarter. If it refuses to budge, you will have to replace it as soon as possible.

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2. Valve Leak

These stops are often hidden from view. Use a flashlight to see them clearly and check their surroundings. Are they wet, suggesting a leak? Is there a pool of water right under them? Water pressure may damage them over the years. Frequent use, forced turns, and frozen water can also contribute to valve leaks. Remember that these are inexpensive components so you should not worry about the cost.

3. Ineffective Stoppage

When testing the angle stops, see whether they can really block the flow of water. Damaged components may only offer partial blocking, such that some water still gets to your leaking faucet or shower head. This may indicate worn out internal parts or low-quality items. Make sure to purchase premium valves for your replacements so this does not happen again.



Fixing water damage on your property can cost thousands of dollars, whereas replacing your angle stops is considerably cheaper. Invest in premium valves for reliable flow control, water conservation, and damage prevention. Discuss it with an experienced plumber to get the best results.

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