5 Reasons Your Shower Makes A Squealing Noise

image of a showerhead depicting a shower squealing noise

A lot of people take a shower to relax after a long and stressful day. That is why it can be unnerving when to step into the shower and hear a loud squealing noise. You can turn it off to stop the sound, but it will come back again as soon as you let the water out. Do not fret. With the help of an experienced plumber, you can find the right plumbing solution and go back to your peaceful routine in no time. Where does it come from? This article discusses some of the common causes and solutions for a squealing shower.

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Common Causes For A High-Pitched Shower Squealing Noise

A squealing shower noise indicates a problem in the plumbing system. It is a symptom with multiple possible causes. You will need to investigate to figure out the root cause. Observe all the changes in the behavior of your shower. Listen closely to discern the type of sound coming out of it. If possible, locate the exact source within the system. Troubleshooting may also involve the disassembly of shower fixtures. If you are not adept at this, it would be wise to call a local plumber for assistance. Their knowledge, tools, and experience guarantee great results.

1. Clogged Shower Head

image of a calcified showerhead

The water running in your plumbing system is not 100% pure. It contains naturally occurring minerals in small amounts, including calcium, copper, fluoride, and iron. These minerals are generally harmless, but they can settle inside the pipe walls and shower heads. Over time, the deposits can prevent water from flowing freely. That is why you may notice a weaker flow from old fixtures. They can also produce a whistling sound as the liquid passes through. If you want to return to normal, you must flush out the clog. Plumbers use chemical solutions designed to break down the minerals quickly.

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2. Damaged Shower Head

If a demineralizing solution did not fix the problem, you may be dealing with something worse than a clog. Consider the possibility that the shower head is broken. Perhaps one of its internal components is damaged beyond repair, and that is causing the high-pitched noise while you shower. If you want to stop the sound, you might have to order a new showerhead. In some cases, this will be easy to do. However, other situations call for a complete overhaul of the shower system. Let a plumber do the work to save time and ensure proper installation.

3. Broken Shower Valve

image of a plumber replacing a worn out shower valve switch

The shower valve controls the flow of water. If you turn it one way, the liquid will start rising from the ground or the wall. If you turn it the other way, the water will stop gushing out. It is not common, but a squealing sound can also come from a broken shower valve. Aside from the noise, you might feel more resistance than usual. It might be harder to turn. In some cases, it will not open fully, no matter how much force you exert. These are clear signs of aging. You might also be dealing with a leak from behind the wall.

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4. Shower Cartridge Problem

Behind the shower valve lies the shower cartridge. This part of the system aids in regulating the speed of flow. Its continuous exposure to water makes it susceptible to mineral build-up, just like shower heads. Thus, clogs and sounds can develop as well. If you hear a high-pitched noise from this section, call a plumber for help. Replacing the shower cartridge is fast and easy for experienced professionals. They also use quality materials to ensure excellent longevity. You won’t have to worry about squealing showers for a while.

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5. Faulty Diverter Valve

If you have a tub and a shower in your bathroom, you probably have a diverter valve to switch the flow of water between the two. This component is subjected to high water pressure. It also moves several times each day, so it can wear out faster than other parts of the system. Test it by turning the water on and toggling the diverter to see if you can replicate the sound. If you hear a squeal coming from the diverter valve, have it repaired or replaced as necessary. Do not let the problem persist because it may give you bigger headaches in the future.


6. High Water Pressure

Water pressure varies from one home to another. Although having low or high water pressure is problematic, although most plumbers will agree that high water pressure is much worse. If your shower has high water pressure, the water will move through your showerhead far too quickly than was intended, making it squeal. General solutions to repair this type of plumbing problem involves the installation of a water pressure regulator.

Is a Squealing Shower Dangerous?

High-pitched noise is not just annoying and troublesome. It can also be a sign of impending danger. It all depends on why your shower is squealing. If it is due to rust or corrosion along the pipes, watch out for debris in your drinking water. If it is from mineral clogs, you can expect the blockage to get worse. The flow of water will get weaker until the shower becomes unusable. If you have faulty valves or high water pressure, you can anticipate further degradation. These are problems that require your immediate intervention.

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A shower squeal can take you by surprise with its sudden penetrating noise. It may seem like a harmless quirk, but it can point to bigger problems underneath the surface. Listen to your plumbing system. It is warning you that something is wrong. Call a plumber to help you identify the exact culprit and implement the proper remedies. By acting quickly, you can prevent further deterioration of vital components. You can also avoid expensive repairs and bring back calmness into your home.

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