Top Signs You Have A Water Main Break

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Residential plumbing systems draw water from the public water supply. If the water main breaks, you and your family cannot access water in the manner you should. In addition, as each year passes, the connecting water lines may weaken and fail to perform as expected. Surrounding plumbing pipe damage leads to a water main break and allows for leaks, property damage, and mold.

Not to mention, a broken water main causes significant water wastage. This could affect not only the homeowner’s ability to get water but could damage hidden spaces in the home. An undetected water main break allows over 50 gallons of water to leak in or around the house. The only way to safeguard your home and plumbing system is to know what signs indicate that you have a water main break and to call a plumber at the first sign.

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Top 9 Signs Your Water Main Is Damaged

Below, we discuss some of the signs to keep an eye out for.

You Hear Water Running

image of a homeowner listening to running water due to a plumbing main water supply break

When you hear water running in or around your home, your first instinct is to find the source after checking your sinks, tubs, water heater, and appliances that use water daily. Looking around your home for the culprit helps you find broken water lines. Bubbling water on the ground is a common sign. You need to call a licensed plumber if none of these fixtures or products are causing the noise, and if they find the issue at an earlier stage, homeowners reduce financial losses and property damage.

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Wet Spots Inside the Home

Wet spots on the ceiling, walls, or flooring are signs of water main and line damage. Broken plumbing lines happen if they aren’t maintained and monitored via annual inspections and servicing. Water leaking from plumbing lines in the walls or flowing through the home causes damage inside the walls, ceilings, and underneath the flooring. A water main break lets water flow back toward the property, which leaks from connected water lines. A plumbing professional can find the source and determine if the water main or another plumbing line is the culprit.

Excessive Water Costs

image of a homeowner looking stressed about high home water costs

The average water cost for smaller households is under $100 a month. If a homeowner gets a water bill that is hundreds of dollars, this is an obvious sign of a water main break. Even a slow leak generates higher than average water utility costs if it is not repaired. Average households cannot afford excessive water bills and often try to conserve water by reducing water consumption. Still, the property owner could waste 50 gallons of water or more if their water main breaks without realizing it until their water bill arrives.

Water Puddles Around the Home

A broken water main causes large water puddles all around your home. Homeowners find water puddles anywhere from the street in front of their home to their yard. They’ll see water flowing from the main line. If there aren’t apparent signs of puddling water, the family may see areas of the yard with discoloration around the grass. Contact a plumber to schedule an inspection at the first sign of water puddles that aren’t the result of rain or storms.

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Rusty, Dirty, Odd-Smelling Water

Rusty, dirty, or odd-smelling water from your sink or shower indicates a water main leak. Consequently, contaminated water is flowing into your water supply. Rust in the water may also indicate that the water pipes are corroded. A plumbing professional knows how to repair the water main and replace all rusted water lines connecting to the public water supply and your home.

Sudden Decrease in Water Pressure

image of low water pressure from kitchen faucet

If you notice a sudden change in the water pressure in your shower, start by checking for sediment buildup in the showerhead. There are plenty of cleaning products to remove limescale and rust from a showerhead and improve water pressure in the shower.

However, water pressure changes in your sinks, showers, and slow-filling toilets indicate that the water main is broken. If there is hardly any water flowing from all plumbing fixtures, you need a plumber fast to repair your water main and possibly water pipes connected to it.

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Cracks in Your Foundation

A home’s foundation is critical to maintaining structural integrity and stability, and the property could shift if there are cracks in the foundation. In addition, broken water mains cause extensive damage if left alone, and repairs aren’t performed quickly.

While a plumber cannot fix your foundation, they can check the outer edges of the foundation during a plumbing inspection. If you suspect a broken water main or other plumbing issues, scheduling an inspection reveals if there is a leak and if your foundation was damaged during these unexpected events.

Persistent Drain Clogs

clogged drain

When a water main breaks, dirt and debris flow into the water supply. As your plumbing fixtures pull water from the public water supply, the dirt and debris flow through your plumbing fixtures. So if a drain clogs too often, it doesn’t just indicate a problem with the drain; it’s also a sign of water main and plumbing line damage.

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Signs of Mold and Mildew

Water leaks resulting from broken water mains or pipes cause mold and mildew inside and underneath the home. Mold and mildew need moist, dampened, and dark conditions to thrive and spread, and mold spores spread through the air getting into everything from the walls to the HVAC systems. Finding mold or mildew is fortunate when looking for water leaks. However, once it is in the home, you might need mold or water remediation services in addition to plumbing repairs.



Water main breaks and leaks happen without warning and are almost inevitable. How widespread the damage is and how it will affect your home is determined by how bad the crack or leak is. Learning all the top signs helps all homeowners find the problem before they have severe property damage, mold, mildew, and excess repair costs. Contact a plumber at the first signs to safeguard your plumbing system and home.

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