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Why Does My Toilet Gurgle When Draining The Tub?

Whenever there is a gurgling sound from the toilet when your bathtub drains, it's typically a sign that something is blocking the vent. The drain noises are more than just annoying. It can actually be the precursor to a blocked pipe that leads to the shut down of your bathroom. It also means costly plumbing fees. Click through to read more on this subject. Read more »

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Emmaus Plumber Talks About Toilet Repair Vs. Replacement

Replacing a toilet can be a costly proposition, not to mention the disruption and potential inconvenience installing a new unit can involve. There are many problems, however, that can successfully be repaired with expert help. Others will demand a full replacement. Knowing the difference can eliminate wasted time, effort, and money. Click through to learn more on when to repair your toilet or if it is time to replace it. Read more »