Emmaus Plumber Talks About Toilet Repair Vs. Replacement

image of Emmaus plumber doing a toilet repairReplacing a toilet can be a costly proposition, not to mention the disruption and potential inconvenience installing a new unit can involve. There are many problems, however, that can successfully be repaired with expert help. Others will demand a full replacement. Knowing the difference can eliminate wasted time, effort, and money.


Types Of Toilet Repairs

Among the most annoying problems open to easy toilet repair is a toilet that is constantly running. This is the result of the flush valve not closing fully. A simple check in thetank will reveal if the problem is a tangled chain above the valve, preventing it from shutting, or if the float ball needs to be re-positioned.

Toilet clogs easily are remedied with a plunger. Difficult clogs can be tackled by adding one-half of a cup of dish washing liquid and a bucket of heated water, letting it stand for several hours to break up the obstruction.

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Water levels are problems that can be resolved with a simple toilet repair in Emmaus, PA. A toilet that does not flush fully may need the flush valve chain replaced or more water added to the tank. On the other hand, if the tank fills slowly, it may be that the shutoff valve needs to be loosened by turning the handle at the wall. If the problem has come on gradually, the fill line may have become obstructed, in which case it will need to be replaced.

Finally, water leaking at the feed line or the bolts fastening the toilet to the floor is another situation that can be fixed without investing in new equipment. Simply locate the leak with dry hands and replace the washers at the source.


When Replacement Is Needed

There are some problems or situations that cannot be solved by a toilet repair and that call for a complete toilet replacement. For example, a toilet with a tank or bowl that has been cracked must be replaced right away. Even small cracks eventually can grow until the bowl breaks and floods the whole bathroom.

Small items can easily get stuck too far into the system for even a plumber to reach. If, after removing the toilet and trying to remove the obstruction from beneath, the item is still stuck, it will be necessary to replace the entire unit.

A toilet that wobbles or needs to be repaired often is a sign that it may be time for a new one. Any rocking or wobbling motion is not normal in a toilet. It could be a simple matter of tightening the screws holding it to the floor. Or it could mean the floor itself has suffered water damage and is rotting and in need of professional replacement.

Finally, if you have an old, round-shaped toilet or are remodeling and want another color, a new replacement model will fit the bill. Older toilets are less efficient and could be running up your water bill. Also, the newer oblong shape allows more seating room for greater comfort. Toilets from the 1970s and earlier fit this description, and the bathroom could probably use a more updated tone than avocado or harvest gold.

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