seasonal plumbing suggestions

Seasonal Plumbing Tips You Can Use This Holiday Season

A holiday is always an excuse to celebrate. However, when you are having fun with family and friends at home, it can be so easy to forget (and neglect) your plumbing system. In this article, we share some plumbing tips to get you through the holiday season. Read more »

toilet clog

Top Bathroom Habits You Should Break

Most people have a morning bathroom routine. After waking, they stumble to the bathroom to shower or wash their face, shave or put on makeup, and do their hair. Their morning ablutions may follow a specific order so that nothing is overlooked in that half-awake, but hurried state. At other times, people will look to their bathrooms as an escape. They enjoy the alone time spent luxuriating in a long, hot bath or shower to melt away tensions of the day. Regardless of what bathroom routines that you may have, Robinson Plumbing, a professional bathroom plumbing services Whitehall, PA expert, shares some habits that you might want to be more aware of. Read more »

unclogging a toilet

How To Free A Toilet Clog With Ease

Toilet clogs can appear overwhelming. However, clogs can typically be handled with the use of a plunger, snake or a more advanced snake known as the closet auger. When all else fails, the toilet’s owner, or a plumber, can manually remove the blockage. Toilet clogs commonly occur in a part of the fixture that is tight and curves upward. Read more »