How To Free A Toilet Clog With Ease

unclogging a toiletToilet clogs can appear overwhelming. However, clogs can typically be handled with the use of a plunger, snake or a more advanced snake known as the closet auger. When all else fails, the toilet’s owner, or a plumber, can manually remove the blockage. Toilet clogs commonly occur in a part of the fixture that is tight and curves upward. Plumbers state that toys are the most common cause of clogs. There are two known types of clogs. A poor flush indicates that a toilet is partially or completely clogged, whereas a “no-drainer” indicates a completely clogged toilet where water rises to the brim or, unfortunately, may even overflow.

Using A Plunger

Most people are familiar with a typical plunger that includes an extension flange attached to a rubber, bell shaped end. Plungers fit over the toilet hole and require a simple pushing motion to clear the clog. Make sure the plunger is slowly entered into a toilet bowl with higher water levels or water will likely splash out. One push could remove a toilet clog or several firm pushes might be needed for more significant blockage. Using gloves during the process prevents dirty water from touching arms or hands.


Using A Snake

The use of a snake should be the next step if the plunger did not remove the clog. A snake is exactly what it sounds like, made of a long wire coil with a corkscrew tip. Feed the snake into the toilet until it reaches the blockage and turn it clockwise to break apart the matter. The blockage can also attach to the end of the snake to be pulled out of the toilet.

Turn to the closet auger if the snake fails at removing the clog. The closet auger includes a shorter flange to immediately reach the clog at the first bend. The auger is placed into the bowl with the tip facing up while firmly cranking and pushing on the flange. Approximately 3 feet of cable will be released to reach the clog. A series of cranking and pulling will bring the snake back to the bowl with the debris that caused the clog.

Toilet Removal & Reattachment

The final and most difficult way to remove a clog is to pull the toilet. Homeowners might be better off using a plumber for toilet removal and reattachment, or any other plumbing needs. Some final advice from plumbers includes the avoidance of chemicals to remove a clog, to keep the cover down at all times, and hardening material should never be flushed down a toilet. Stay calm when a toilet clog occurs. The use of a plumber can cure approximately most of all toilet clogs.

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