plumbing problems in a kutztown pennsylvania home

Signs That Your Plumbing Pipes Are Wearing Out

Water is the gentlest element around but, given enough time, it can hollow out stone. A lot of it flows through your plumbing pipes every single day, in your kitchen as well as the bathroom(s). Your plumbing is constantly under pressure and slowly deteriorates with time. Modern pipes have big life spans. Copper pipes last up to 70 years. However, they can sometimes start leaking within a couple of decades. If the water is especially acidic or the pipe quality is poor, they can give out within ten years. Click here to read more. Read more »

older home

Common Plumbing Problems In Old Houses

Old houses have a lot of charm, but they can frequently have a lot of plumbing problems too. If you own an old home or are considering buying one, this article discusses some common plumbing problems in older houses that you need to be on the look out for. Click through to find out what these issues are. Read more »

discolored tap water

Is Your Tap Water A Different Color Than It Should Be?

Most people expect to see clear colorless liquid when running tap water in their home. However, at times you may see water that has a strange tint. If this is the case, you are naturally concerned about what you are drinking, washing clothes in and showering with on a regular basis. Different colors are caused by different types of contaminants, some of which are harmless and some of which may present health hazards. Click through to learn what these different colors mean and what you should do about it. Read more »