Signs That Your Water Pipes Are Wearing Out

image of old plumbing water pipes that need a replacement

Water is the gentlest element around but, given enough time, it can hollow out stone. A lot of it flows through your plumbing pipes every single day, in your kitchen as well as the bathroom(s). Your plumbing is constantly under pressure and slowly deteriorates with time. Modern pipes have big life spans. Copper pipes last up to 70 years. However, they can sometimes start leaking within a couple of decades. If the water is especially acidic or the pipe quality is poor, they can give out within ten years.

Knowing what kind of health your plumbing pipes are in can…

save you from dealing with a major headache later on. It gives you the opportunity to address the problem long before it becomes a more costly one. Although this task can seem overwhelming, the licensed plumbers at Robinson Plumbing can help you understand the basics of this type of plumbing problem. In this article, we will discuss the top signs that indicate when you need to start thinking about replacing water pipes in house.

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How Do You Know If Your Water Pipes Are Wearing Out?

In this article, we discuss the top signs that your plumbing water pipes may be due for an inspection.

You Hear A Knocking Sound When You Turn The Water On

When you hear a knocking sound…

in the pipes when you turn on the tap or shower, you have a problem on your hands. Knocking is caused by loose valves, excessive water, air pressure, a broken support strap, and other elements. This knocking seems harmless at first. However, the knocking can cause the pipes to bend, break, and spring leaks.

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Low Water Pressure

Is the water coming up too slowly? Is it draining too slowly? Have you noticed that the volume less than it used to be? Chances are something is clogging the pipes. This problem is not usually very serious and is easy to fix. However, sometimes the cause of this is a leak. Therefore, get it thoroughly inspected.

Dripping Or Water Leaks

water leak

Improperly working valves typically cause dripping taps. This problem is almost always easy to fix. When pipes spring leaks, however, it can be spell disaster. This is true especially if the plumbing system is very old. Watch out for mold or mildew growth near the plumbing (or elsewhere in the house). Leaks may pop up in one place, but the rest of the system may soon begin to sprout them. Get a professional to look at this problem.

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Stains and cracks, usually dark ones, along the wall are a sure sign of a leak in the plumbing. That can be an expensive problem to fix. The drywall will need to be torn away to get to the pipe inside. However, be sure to fix a problem like this quickly. It can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages if left untreated.


image of rust in water

Is the water coming out of the tap a muddy brown or light red? That’s the pipe’s rust that has dissolved in the water. While rusty water is safe to drink, it tastes horrible. It is also hard and light-colored clothes can be damaged. Furthermore, it doesn’t go well with soap.

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Plumbing Pipes: Repair Or Replace?

Chances are a pipe will need to be replaced if…

it’s too old, but it can be repaired if it’s new. Watch out for corroded or dimpled tubes. That’s a sure sign of excessive wear. You should always leave plumbing repairs and replacements up to a licensed and certified plumbing professional.

Don’t be stingy about hiring the aforementioned professional either. A leak seems like a minor problem at first, but it will escalate. A quick-fix from an amateur or a DIY repair will only get rid of the symptoms and not the underlying cause.


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