11 Ways To Save Water At Home

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Water shortage is a hot topic these days. Not only are droughts on the rise but the supply of drinkable water is on the decline. Water conservation is something every household should be looking to move towards.

Residential households use trillions of gallons of water every year as a whole. Not only is there a lot of waste in that number but there is also a lot of lost dollars. Using more common sense with your water usage can help both the environment and your bank account. This article lists some of the smartest ways to help you learn how to save water at home.

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11 Ways To Save Water At Home

Use the tips below to reduce the water consumption in your home and save on water costs.

1) Turn Off The Faucet

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When doing an activity like rinsing vegetables or brushing teeth, most people leave the water running the whole time. A great way to save water is to turn off the faucet when it is not needed during those times.

For example, after rinsing a vegetable, turn the water off while you scrub it. The same goes for brushing your teeth. As you do the act of brushing, the faucet should not be running.

2) Use An Energy-Efficient Washing Machine

Most washing machines are made with energy-efficient engineering these days. They are easy to find and usually have moderately priced choices.

Even if you are not able to replace any appliances right now, you can still help save water by only turning the machine on to wash full loads. You would be surprised at how much water this saves.

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3) Check For Water Leaks

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Speaking of water output. Water leaks are one of the biggest causes of wasted water. Pipes, water appliances, faucets, they can all spring tiny leaks that you wouldn’t notice with everyday use. According to the EPA, 10 percent of homes have water leaks that waste up to 90 gallons or more per day.

It is recommended to call a plumber to make sure that everything is working as it should at the highest efficiency. They know what to check and where to check to optimize your water use.

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4) Watch Your Water Bill

Your bill can give you answers as to what your water output is per month. It also lets you know if there are any changes in water output, which can indicate where you should be saving water the most.

5) Take Shorter Showers


Shorter showers are a common suggestion for good reason, showers use a lot of water. Use an egg timer to time yourself. Some people even make a game out of it. Turn it into a family competition to see who can take the shortest shower with fun rewards. Furthermore, make sure that you exchange your showerhead with a low-flow showerhead to save water.

6) Replace Your Dishwasher

Consider a smaller dishwasher. The smaller the appliance, the less water it uses. A bonus to switching is that, just like with washing machines, most brand new models are already energy efficient.

This is another appliance to consider only using when it is full. Less than full loads waste more water than they are worth.

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7) Manually Water Your Lawn When It Needs It

A surprising fact is that most lawns need a lot less water than we think. You can check the water needs of your turf by checking the resiliency of the grass. If it is springy and bends easily, it doesn’t need to be watered.

On that note, make sure that your watering is focused on the grass. A lot of water is wasted on sidewalks and areas that don’t need to be watered.

8) Use Rainwater For Gardening

collecting rainwater for garden

Expanding on the act of watering your lawn, look into using rainwater for gardening. A good plumber can help install an efficient and energy-saving system to collect the most rainwater possible. Using a professional will not only make sure you collect more water than doing it yourself but it will also save you money and time.


9) Time Of Day Is Important For Watering

There are optimized times of day where watering your lawn and your garden is more effective. Early mornings and evenings are cooler, which makes the water less likely to evaporate, leaving more water for your thirsty plants.

10) Low-Flow Toilets Save A Lot Of Water

image of low flow toilet

It is surprising how little water is needed to flush a toilet. The toilets of the past used a lot of excess water that can now be saved. The EPA has found that a normal toilet is thirty percent of the water usage in the average household. That is a huge drain that can be avoided.

If getting a new toilet is out of the question, see if a plumber can help you install a conversion kit on your current toilet.

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11) Only Flush The Toilet When You Need To

It is a common practice to flush tissues after blowing your nose or cleaning a spot on the sink. Some people even flush cigarettes or other types of trash that can be disposed of elsewhere. Flushing anything that can cleanly and easily be thrown away as opposed to throwing it in the toilet bowl should always be avoided.

Incorporating these changes into your daily life is easier than you think. It just takes a bit of time and patience and before you know it, you will see less output on your water bill. This will not only help with your household budget but also make you part of the solution to the water waste problem.


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