Common Health Problems Caused By Pipe Leaks

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Having a leaking pipe in your home can be devastating, especially if it takes a while to identify the problem and get it fixed. Pipe leak problems can cause significant amounts of property damage. Not surprisingly, they can also be incredibly harmful to resident health. This is additionally true of clogged and backed up drains. Whenever plumbing issues exist, there is always the potential for illness, discomfort, and diminished safety.

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Pipe Leaks, Clogged Drains & Common Health Problems

In this article, we discuss a few common health problems associated with pipe leaks and clogged drains.

1. Increased Allergies And Asthmatic Episodes Due To Plumbing Issues

When pipes leak or drains are clogged, anyone living in the home with an existing respiratory condition is likely to suffer the most harm. Pipes that are clogged or leaking result in stagnant pools of grey or black water. Wherever there’s stagnant water, there’s an inevitable increase in mold and mildew development. Also, there is a proliferation of harmful bacteria. All of these things can both create and exacerbate respiratory problems. With increased allergens and asthma triggers trapped in the living environment, residents can experience fatigue and itchy, watery eyes. Many often experience irritation of the skin, nose, and throat. Some have breathing troubles and recurring respiratory infections, among many other things.

image of mold spores caused by a water leak


2. Mental And Emotional Distress

Stagnant water is not known for smelling fresh. Accumulations of wastewater, moldy building materials, and general property damage can all emit unpleasant and highly pervasive smells. Once these odors develop, the home can go from being a comfortable place of respite to an offensive and stress-inducing space. It is not uncommon for people to deal with stress headaches, high levels of anxiety, and other emotional and mental health issues until the homeowner resolves the problem.

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3. Stomach Ailments

Wastewater always has contaminants in it. In some instances, this can include both chemical and biological contaminants. Moreover, the germs that this water contains can easily spread from one area to another. This can lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, and other forms of gastrointestinal distress. These problems are especially prevalent in instances in which clogged or backed-up toilets and other sources of harmful black water are dealt with incorrectly. In fact, even in instances in which clean water has backed up into the home, unresolved clogs can eventually lead to the growth of the dangerous Legionella bacteria.

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4. The Ravages Of A Diminished Indoor Air Quality

Whether you have an existing respiratory condition or not, the development of mold and mildew in your home can wreak havoc on your overall health. From difficulty breathing to frequent bouts of sneezing and coughing, your body will quickly exhibit signs of distress. This is especially true once mold spores become airborne and circulate all throughout the residence via your HVAC system. When you allow mold to grow, it leads to hearing troubles, recurring headaches, sinus infections, respiratory infections, and many other health problems that directly relate to indoor air quality.

drain fly


5. Drain Flies

Drain gnats are a huge problem in plumbing systems that do not receive proper maintenance. Although they are usually little more than a nuisance, these bugs can eventually have an impact on resident health. If left unchecked, they can result in a parasitic infection known as myiasis in which fly larvae begin growing directly inside the body of the host.

6. Financial Stress

Damaged and ill-maintained plumbing can be incredibly stressful, especially when considering the short and long-term impacts that these things have on property values. Everything from baseboards and drywall to surface flooring and sub-floors can be lost to water damage. If plumbing problems and the resulting issues with mold and mildew spiral out of control, they can ultimately render buildings uninhabitable.



In the interest of protecting both your property and all those who reside within it, it’s important to have even minor-seeming plumbing problems addressed right away. Therefore, you should deal with visible leaks and visibly blocked or clogged drains in a timely fashion. Doing so will prevent a proliferation of harmful bacteria, mold spores, and other dangerous organisms. Scheduling routine plumbing inspections or whole-house plumbing inspections will allow professionals to identify problems that are far less conspicuous but just as detrimental. These include slow and hidden leaks at the backs of appliances, in crawlspaces, and behind the drywall that might otherwise fester for months on end.

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