What Do I Do If I Have Drain Flies In The Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink?

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Infestations are common in kitchens and sometimes bathrooms. After all, these environments are hot and humid, with plenty of organic matter. Insects will thrive unless homeowners intervene. For example, you might find drain flies in bathroom sink. They love places with standing water and decaying substances.

However, their presence is not a good sign for your plumbing. Act as soon as possible to prevent the infestation from growing in number. Once you spot a drain fly, do the following to make sure the issue does not get any worse:

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Verify The Drain Fly Infestation

The first step is to check whether you are indeed dealing with drain flies or some other insects. These flying pests are small with six legs, antenna, and fuzzy wings. They come in different colors, from grey to brown to black. One thing you have to keep in mind is that they tend to multiply quickly. Therefore, you need to move fast.

Apply sticky tape on top of the infected drains and leave this overnight. In the morning, you should see a few insects stuck to it. You will be able to determine if these are drain flies once you see them up-close. If you didn’t catch any the first time, then do this for a few nights. It is important to know what you’re dealing with since other pests may require a different extermination approach.

Clean The Drain

The best way to get rid of them is to target the vulnerable larvae and clean their nesting place. Pour warm water down the drain to loosen the grime. You should not use boiling water as the high temperature can damage the pipes. Wait for a bit for the water to work on the sludge. Then you can utilize a flexible drain brush to clean the interior of the pipes and remove anything that might be blocking the flow of water.

Get an enzyme drain cleaner to break down decomposing matter and protect the drain interior from future grime build-up. This kind of product is superior to bleach, vinegar, and chemical cleaners. It is incredibly effective without harming the pipes. If you can’t find one, then you could mix vinegar with baking soda instead. Let these solution soak for hours before flushing everything with water. Do this several times until you no longer see drain flies coming up the drain.

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Call An Experienced Plumber

These steps have proven to be effective in most minor infestations. However, some cases may require more aggressive solutions. If you have done everything several times without making any progress, then you should probably get the help of an experienced plumber. Call a local expert that you can trust. Professional drain cleaning will get rid of the drain flies and other issues that you might be facing.

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Avoid Future Recurrence Of A Drain Fly Infestation

Once you get rid of the flies, make sure that they don’t ever come back. Deal with the things that attracted these insects to your home in the first place, such as standing water. Fix leaks right away, including damaged pipes and joints. When you see water where it should not be, go on high alert. Water and organic matter is a recipe for disaster.

Maintain the health of your pipes through periodic professional cleaning. Plumbers can do a thorough job. Flies and other pests will not have any place to go to in your house. Professional drain cleaning will extend the service life of your fixtures and other parts of the plumbing system. With this level of care, costly replacements are avoidable.

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