Top Reasons For Stinky Plumbing Issues And Drainage Smell

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An ideal home will not only look good, but it will also feel and smell good as well. Beautiful façades can quickly be ruined by a foul stench, after all. You wouldn’t want to stay for long if you had to deal with a bad odor. You would also hesitate to invite guests. That is partly why we clean our homes regularly. Some might even use air fresheners. However, there are things that we may not be able to deal with on our own such as stinky plumbing and drainage smell.

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Common Causes For Stinky Drains

If your drains and sinks are giving off an unpleasant smell, then be sure to check the following sources.

1. Garbage Disposal Debris

Garbage disposal units are handy when it comes to discarding most food waste. You just place items in, and it will shred them quickly so they can pass through the plumbing without any problems. This works well most of the time, but it is not a perfect system. Bits of waste can get stuck in and around the disposal unit where they will rot and give off a disagreeable smell. This is why regularly cleaning the unit is a necessity. Just make sure that you unplug it before doing anything. Safety must be the number one priority. Better yet, leave it to a professional plumber for thorough cleaning.


2. Biofilm Build-up

Smelly shower drains may be the result of biofilm build-up. Products like soap, shampoo, cream, and oil can leave residues that stick around and pile up inside the drain. Microorganisms like bacteria are attracted to this, so they will feed on it and thrive. Biofilm is not necessarily stinky, but the bacteria are. It will only get worse as the culture grows. There are natural remedies for this, but they may not always provide the best results. Bacteria can be extremely resilient, after all. If you would like to solve the problem right away, then consult an expert.

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3. Dried Out P-Trap

If you peek under your sink, then you will notice a curved pipe called the p-trap. It is designed to hold water. It acts as a buffer between the sewer gas and the rest of the house. The foul sewer gas smell gets stopped at the end of the curve so you won’t have to worry about it. The same scheme is implemented for toilet bowls and shower drains. If you use these regularly, then there will always be water along the p-trap to do the job. If you stop using them for a long time, then the water might dry out due to evaporation. Stinky sewer gasses can then come up without resistance, resulting in a smelly house.

dried out p-trap

4. Sewer Line Breach

Indeed, the sewer must always be fully controlled. Any damage along the line can become a big headache. For example, tree roots may wrap around the sewer pipes and crush them over time. Waste material can clog the channels and cause pressure points to burst. Soil issues can lead to sunken and broken pipes. You will soon be dealing with leakage that has a distinctly offending smell. If you have noticed a foul odor outside the house, then this is the likely reason. Other clues include pest infestation, gurgling sounds from the drains, and chronic toilet clogs. This is a serious situation that requires the attention of professional plumbers.

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5. Clogged Venting Pipes

The p-trap is not the only scheme in place to prevent the entry of sewer gas into the house. It is likely that the plumbing system in your home also has venting pipes. These are designed to get rid of sewer gasses by channeling them to the roof where the smell will not bother anyone. This scheme should work fine unless the venting pipes get clogged by animal nests, random debris, and fallen snow. If the gasses cannot escape through the roof, then they will go back down and find release through the drains. Clearing the roof pipes is a dangerous task. Let a professional plumber handle the situation.


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