8 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

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A garbage disposal unit is one of the best inventions in modern conveniences, offering a quick and efficient means to throw away food waste. Disposal units typically last for about 15 years with good care. Knowing proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your garbage disposal works efficiently and reliably for many years. Make sure it provides reliable service by knowing which things you should never put down into your disposal. Otherwise, you will be looking for garbage disposal repair near me more often than not.

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8 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

In this article, we discuss eight things you should never feed into your garbage disposal. By placing these objects in the trash, your garbage disposal will work as expected, and you will save yourself the headache of needing a garbage disposal repair service.

1. Don’t Put Bones In Your Garbage Disposal

Animal bones are hard and could splinter when passed through the disposal. The solid debris will easily damage the blades, and the tiny, porous materials can get trapped in the grinding mechanism. Feeding bones into your garbage disposal can cause a problem down the drain.

2. Oil, Grease, And Your Garbage Disposal Don’t Mix

You should never pour oils and greasy stuff down the garbage disposal. The first few tries may work perfectly and will probably not cause long-term damage, but regular flushings of grease through the disposal will cause it to clog and become less efficient. Oils solidify in lower temperatures. Even in liquid form, oil and grease do not completely go down the drain. The liquid could stick to the gaps, nooks, and crannies of the disposal, particularly in the deep scores of the grinding ring and turn into solids. Over time, this will reduce the efficiency of the component. Furthermore, oils and grease give out a rancid smell once they start to decompose.

cooking grease and garbage disposal clog

3. Animal Fat

Animal fat, like oil and grease, can congeal in the pipes. Even if chunks of animal fat are chopped into smaller pieces, this stuff can still cause trouble in the plumbing system. Animal fat is quite stubborn and difficult to get rid of once it sticks to the metallic components of the garbage disposal system. Avoid this problem and dispose of the fat properly.

4. Pasta, Rice, And Grains

Grains and food products made from grains and oats contain high amounts of starch – a type of carbohydrate that expands in water and is sticky. Pasta, rice, and oatmeal, for example, are notorious for this. Even when cooked, these food items could still absorb some liquid and expand, potentially causing serious clogging down the piping system. To be on the safe side, either put these things in your compost bin or dispose of them properly. The same goes for starchy vegetables such as potatoes (and potato peels), peas, and corn (including corn husk and corn silk).

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5. Fibrous Fruits And Vegetables Are Compostable

Fibrous food can and will get caught in the grinding mechanism of the garbage disposal and make it less efficient in tearing food items into smaller pieces. Some fibrous fruits and vegetables include pumpkins, asparagus, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, radish, lettuce, spinach, celery, and leeks, among others.

compost bin

6. Place Coffee Grounds In The Compost Bin To Prevent Garbage Disposal Repair

Although coffee grounds have been recommended as a remedy for clearing garbage disposals and keep them smelling good, the tiny particles can actually cause a problem deeper in the drain. Coffee grounds tend to coagulate and turn into thick and pasty clumps that will clog the pipes.

7. Nuts

Flushing nuts down a garbage disposal is akin to grinding nuts in a food processor to make a paste that is the same consistency as peanut butter. The thick paste will be difficult to clean out and will potentially cause a clog.

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8. Pits And Seeds

Large pits such as avocados and peaches are very hard and dense. Never attempt to throw these into the garbage disposal. If a knife can’t cut the seed, the blades of the disposal will find it difficult to grind as well. Hard items will also prematurely dull the blades and cause enough damage to require an early garbage disposal replacement.


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