Common Faucet Issues & Repairs

old faucet with rust

Faucets are as indispensable as water. We use them several times a day, every single day. It should be no surprise that they often succumb to wear and tear. Getting faucets from a good brand is one way to ensure reliability and longevity. Having experienced plumbers install them is also a smart move. However, faucets still eventually develop issues due to mechanical stress and other factors. There are common faucet repairs that plumbers see across the board.

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Common Faucet Repairs Homeowners Experience

Below, we discuss some of the most common issues that occur with faucets.

1. Faucet Drips

Dripping faucets are ubiquitous. Everyone has seen them around the house. Most people simply ignore the leaks since they often start as seemingly harmless droplets. Over time, however, the leaks get worse until you cannot afford to turn a blind eye anymore. The reality is that even small faucet leaks can cost a large amount of money from the wasted water. Never look away when you see them. Hire a plumber to replace the seals.


2. No Water Coming Out Of Faucet

One thing you simply cannot ignore is the lack of water coming out of an open faucet. If your faucet is already several years old, then this might be an issue with the valve. Dirt gets trapped inside and may build up to the point where water cannot move across anymore. On the other hand, new faucets are designed to prevent this by having multiple chambers for water to pass through. Another thing to check is the state of the shut-off valve.

3. Low Water Pressure

water leak

There should be a strong flow of water when you open a faucet. If yours is barely letting any liquid flow out, then something must be going wrong with the system. The faucet itself might be clogged with dirt. The pipes could be leaking with holes and cracks, reducing the pressure and the amount of water flowing through. If you are not sure about what is happening with the system, then ask a plumber to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

4. Faucet Noise

A normal faucet should be quiet except for the sound of water rushing out. If you hear something out of the ordinary, then you should investigate it further. Listen closely are different sounds may be present. Some people hear a screaming noise. Others report whistling or chattering. Each of these is symptomatic of a unique underlying issue. It might be a faulty washer, a damaged pipe, or something else entirely. Let an expert plumber guide you through this.

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5. Faulty Faucet Sprayer

broken kitchen faucet sprayer

If you have a new faucet with a spray hose, then you probably love the way that it makes washing and cooking a breeze. Just remember that this kind of design is prone to problems such as leaks, slackening, and other malfunctions. If you know how to take it apart, then you can clean the kitchen sink sprayer from the inside. Otherwise, it’s best to leave this problem to the experts.

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6. Rust On Faucet

The problem with a rusty faucet is that what’s happening on the exterior is probably a reflection of the interior. Water can catch rust as it flows across the plumbing system. This can cause digestive issues if the family drinks the water straight from the tap. This can only get worse so you should never ignore the signs once you notice them. Consider having the faucet replaced by a new one that is made from rustproof material such as stainless steel.

Make sure that repairs and installations go smoothly by entrusting the process to a qualified plumber.

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