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Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips By Your Allentown Plumber

Pennsylvania homeowners are familiar with cold winters and the complications associated with it. Frozen pipes are a concern of many property owners. In this article, we discuss some of the best ways to winterize your home. Also, we share some tips that will prevent your plumbing pipes from freezing when the PA temperatures drop. Read more »

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How To Keep Water Pipes From Freezing In Winter

Every homeowner should learn how to keep their pipes from freezing during the cold winter months because this is a problem that can affect anyone. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to prevent frozen pipes in your home this winter. Read more »

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Plumbing Tips For The Fall Season

The fall season is here. Therefore, it is time to prepare your plumbing for the upcoming cold weather. In this article, you will find six useful tips that you can use to prepare your plumbing successfully. Read more »

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What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze

The days are finally longer and spring bulbs are showing signs that warmer weather is almost here. It’s a common time for year for homeowners to hook up their hoses again, believing the hard freezes have been left behind in winter’s past. Spring weather can be unpredictable. A cold snap can suddenly follow a warm one. Pipes can freeze because water is compressible and inside a pipe, as the water expands, it has nowhere to go except out through the pipe’s weakest point which is often at a fitting or a hairline crack. If you are one of these hopeful homeowners, here’s what you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing and some simple steps you can take if you think they have frozen. Click through to read more on this topic. Read more »

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Best Ways To Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

Temperatures in the winter can go below freezing. This means that any water that may be in your plumbing system can freeze. When it gets this cold, the volume of water increases when it freezes. Therefore, your pipes are at risk of bursting if all water outlets inside the house are shut and water freezes inside the pipes. When this happens, you will have two main problems at hand. The first is the costly pipe repairs, which you will need to carry out to continue using your plumbing. Secondly, water will start leaking from the burst section when the pipe thaws. If your water pipes freeze and burst, be sure to call a professional plumber to inspect and repair your system. First, however, you need to learn how to prevent your pipes from freezing. Click through to learn more on how to prevent frozen pipes. Read more »

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How To Prepare Your Plumbing For Winter

Winter is a cold, and somewhat inconvenient, time of the year. To get through winter, you need an efficient heating system, winter clothes and a well-insulated home. You must also fill up the oil tank to ensure you have enough heating fuel to get you through winter. Other items on the winter preparation checklist include; heater maintenance and plumbing service. Click through to learn what you need to know to help you prepare your plumbing for winter. Read more »

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Emmaus Plumbers : 4 Reasons That You Should Not Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Most homeowners don't think about their plumbing very often. As long as the water is flowing freely down the drain, it is not a concern. When the drains become clogged, however, problems can arise. When many homeowners have clogged drains, before they contact a plumber, they will use a liquid drain cleaner. These products claim to clear the drains safely and quickly, with no need to call a plumber. What many homeowners don't know, is that liquid drain cleaners can be very harmful. Click through to learn why you shouldn't use drain cleaners. Read more »