Emmaus Plumbers : 4 Reasons That You Should Not Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

clogged toiletMost homeowners don’t think about their plumbing very often. As long as the water is flowing freely down the drain, it is not a concern. When the drains become clogged, however, problems can arise. When the kitchen drain is clogged, it can make washing dishes and doing regular household chores difficult. When the drain in the bathtub is clogged, it can make showering difficult, and in some cases, impossible. Finally, if the toilet is clogged, it can make life at home very inconvenient.

They Can Damage The Pipes

When many homeowners have clogged drains, before they contact a plumber, they will use a liquid drain cleaner. These products claim to clear the drains safely and quickly, with no need to call a plumber. What many homeowners don’t know, is that liquid drain cleaners can be very harmful. Liquid drain cleaners use highly corrosive, caustic chemicals to dissolve whatever is causing the clog. For smaller clogs, these products can work fairly well. For larger clogs, the liquid can sit in the pipe and eat eat away at them. The main problem is that you don’t know how large or small the clog actually is. Even if the liquid drain cleaner is not left sitting in the pipes, it can still do damage.

Cracked Toilets

The chemicals used in liquid drain cleaners are meant to heat up when the in use. This is what helps to dissolve whatever is causing the clog. If a toilet is clogged and it cannot be flushed, the chemicals will sit at the bottom of the toilet bowl, causing the heated liquid to crack the porcelain. This can make what would have been an inexpensive plumbing job into an expensive toilet replacement.

They Contain Dangerous Chemicals

Today, more and more families are trying to be more health conscious. They are eating organic and using homemade house cleaners rather than man made chemicals. Liquid drain cleaners contain many dangerous chemicals. If a family is trying to avoid exposure to chemicals, they should avoid liquid drain cleaners altogether. Also, these products can pose a serious poison threat to children when left in the house.

They Aren’t Guaranteed To Work

When a homeowner has a clogged drain or clogged toilet, and they contact a plumber, they can be sure that the clog will be removed. Most plumbers will use a snake to push the clog through the drain to allow the water to flow freely. Some plumbers will use a camera to get a good look at the clog before they snake it through the drain. Most plumbers can guarantee results when unclogging a drain. Unfortunately, liquid drain cleaners cannot be guaranteed to work. Many of the name brand drain cleaners on the market are very expensive. If a homeowner purchases a drain cleaner and it doesn’t work, it is the same thing as throwing the money out the window.

If a homeowner has a clogged drain, they should avoid using dangerous, damaging liquid drain cleaners. When they hire a plumber, they can be sure that the clog will be cleared, and the toilet and pipes will not be damaged.


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