How Does Water Quality Affect My Plumbing?

girl holding water depicting water quality impacts plumbing system

Water is the essence of life. We use it daily for various activities, so we must keep our plumbing systems primed for water delivery. However, sometimes water itself contains elements that can wreak havoc on the plumbing pipes and plumbing fixtures. An excessive amount of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, increases water hardness. These particles can build up in the plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances. White residue is the most prominent sign of hard water. You may see it on pots, pans, and glasses after washing them. Unless you remedy the situation, you will encounter the following problems discussed in this article.

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How Does Water Quality Impact My Plumbing?

Below, we discuss some of the ways that water quality impacts your plumbing system.

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Clogged Drains

image of homeowner dealing with clogged drain depicting water quality and sediment buildup

Drain screens are useful for catching hair, but they are not as capable of blocking minerals. Most particles slip through the holes and move to the pipes. They attach themselves to the pipe interiors, effectively reducing the diameter of the path. The mineral deposits may grow large enough to stop the flow of water. Chemical drain cleaners can only partially remove the blockage, with water continuing to move slowly down sinks and showers. Plumbers can use advanced techniques to resume normalcy.

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Reduced Water Flow

Observe the water coming out of your plumbing fixtures, such as faucets and shower heads. What is the flow rate? Is it as strong as before? Do you notice a considerable reduction? The mineral deposits in the pipes can also interfere with the amount of liquid reaching your fixtures. It can lead to frustrating episodes, especially when you are in a hurry to wash and bathe. Let a professional check the pipes and bring things back to the way they were.

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close-up of rust on the faucet due to poor water quality and water hardness

Old plumbing systems made use of metals. Some of these react badly to calcium and magnesium. Repeated exposure can result in corrosion, weakening the pipe walls until they break and disintegrate. Rust can trigger water discoloration, turning the liquid into an orange-brown liquid that is unsuitable for drinking. Call a plumber for repairs at the first sign of corrosion. Otherwise, you might end up spending far more for pipe replacement later. Valves, drains, and faucets are also in danger.

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Leaks and Cracks

Corrosion can also lead to tremendous water waste due to leaks. The minerals can weaken the pipes until small holes appear on the walls. These gradually increase in size until big leaks break out. The connections may also fail as pressure overpowers them. If you notice a sudden increase in water consumption despite normal use, you are probably dealing with a leak. It may not be apparent where it is, so call the pros for a thorough sweep of the property.

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Poor Water Quality

image of homeowner filling glass with tap water depicting water quality

Hard water makes routine tasks more difficult than they should be. It prevents soaps from effectively removing oils, food, and dirt from surfaces. You need to consume more detergent when washing clothes to get rid of stains. Your plates and pans may require more time in the dishwasher. Prepare to exert more effort when manually cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Ask your plumber how to reduce water hardness if you want relief.

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Low Energy Efficiency

Water minerals can significantly increase energy consumption. Since cleaning appliances fail to produce satisfactory results, you are likely to run more cycles in the washing machine or the dishwasher. Modern appliances have dirt detectors that automatically extend the time of operation until the items are sufficiently clean. You may also need to spend money on special cleaning products for hard water. Consider installing a water softener to solve the problem and enjoy high energy efficiency.

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Early Wear and Tear

licensed plumber repairing a hot-water heater

Look beyond your pipes. Hard water can also leave mineral deposits inside appliances, eventually causing damage to these machines. Metallic segments may succumb to corrosion and moist areas may encourage mold growth. Components may fail faster than usual due to higher loads or frequent mineral exposure. Estimates vary. Expect service life to shorten by 3 or 4 years because of mineral deposits. Soften the water to prolong their lifespan and optimize your investments in these machines.

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Void Warranties

All new appliances come with lengthy warranties to cover manufacturing defects. These provide buyers with a confidence boost. They know they can count on the seller or the manufacturer to help with repairs if problems occur. However, the contracts typically state multiple limitations. For example, damage due to rough handling does not qualify for assistance. They only cover damage sustained under normal use. Hard water damage may not qualify for the warranty, so owners must pay for repairs out-of-pocket.

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Water Heater Damage

lime and mineral deposits on stainless steel heating element from on-demand water heater

In cold regions, homes rely on a heater to increase water temperature before distributing the liquid to kitchens, toilets, and laundry rooms. Minerals increase the boiling point of water, making heaters work longer to achieve their targets. The additional load can reduce the life expectancy of the machine. Most models last for 15 years, but you may need to shell out for a new unit 10 years into ownership. The costs of acquisition, installation, and energy consumption are not trivial.

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As you can see, water quality has considerable effects on the plumbing system. It can influence cleaning performance, energy efficiency, machine lifespan, pipe longevity, and warranty validity. It can also create leaks and clogs across the system. Call an experienced plumber to help you deal with these problems. Aside from fixing affected sections, plumbers can also install water softeners to reduce hardness and make the symptoms go away.

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