How Do I Know If I Need Drain Cleaning Services?

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Plumbing issues are inevitable. Homeowners should be ready to deal with them as they appear. Sometimes this means rolling up the sleeves and doing basic tasks, such as using the plunger or pulling clumps of hair. At other times, it may be more prudent to call a professional plumber. Experienced plumbers have the tools and techniques to deal with advanced problems. Below are ten signs that you need expert drain cleaning services.

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Signs You Need To Call For Drain Cleaning Services

Below, we discuss some of the tell-tale signs that you need to call a professional to come and clean your drains.

Standing Water

Overflowing kitchen sink due to clogged drain

After washing your hands in the sink, water should steadily flow down the drain. The same thing should happen once you are done washing clothes or taking baths. If the liquid remains instead of disappearing, there is a clog in the drainage pipes. It may be bits of food, strands of hair, or other small items that piled up over time. Now they are preventing water from passing through. Let plumbers clean the pipes to help water flow out of the house.

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Slow Drains

Clogs typically develop over a long period. Observe your drains to catch the problem at an earlier stage. For example, you may notice the water draining out slower than usual. It may be due to the build-up of grease, hair, and soap down the system. Cleaning the pipes should be a priority. Do not wait until it becomes a complete blockage. Early interventions tend to be faster and cheaper.

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Bad Smells

homeowner plugging nose due to kitchen sink drain smell

Everybody wants their home to smell fresh and clean, especially when guests come over. Foul odors can be embarrassing and frustrating. Ignoring them won’t solve the problem. They will only get worse. The first instinct is to clean various sections of the house. If that doesn’t work, the smell might be coming from an inaccessible area like the drain pipes. Perhaps you are dealing with rotting food or sewage. A plumber can clean it up just in time for your house gatherings.

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Recurring Clogs

Some problems never seem to go away. They recur because you eliminated the symptoms but not the root cause. For example, a bathroom clog may return after a week or a month despite your best efforts. Perhaps you removed a clump of hair, but gunk and residue remain in the pipes. These can cause trouble at any time unless you perform thorough cleaning. Better yet, get help from an experienced plumber for excellent results.

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Odd Sounds

image of homeowner listening to unusual drain sounds from clogged drain

Water should move down the drains quietly. Don’t dismiss odd noises even if there is no visible clog. A gurgling sound is an early sign of plumbing trouble. It usually means that parts of the pipe are getting blocked. Air bubbles form as water passes through the narrow pathways, hence the audible warning. It is your sign to get the drain pipes cleaned by professionals. Removing the blockage should make the noise fade away.

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Water Backup

Gravity is your best friend. It makes sure dirty water goes down the drains and stays there. However, sometimes the liquid can climb back up because of blockages and pressure. You might wake up one day to find your bathroom ankle-deep in a dark and stinky flood. This water backup is hard to clean because of the large volume of liquid and the high risk of illness from contaminants. However, you can’t allow it to persist. The flood can cause water damage which requires costly repairs. Consider this an emergency. Call your trusted plumber and ask them to come as soon as possible.

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Fly Infestation

drain fly

Have you been living in the same house for a while? Then you should be familiar with the weather, wildlife, and other details about the area. You may also know about pests and their peculiarities. The sudden appearance of fruit flies can indicate clogged drain pipes. If they never showed up in the past, you should be suspicious of their unexplained presence. Find the trigger. Remove traces of food in your kitchen. If they continue to hover around your house, consider the drain pipes. Bits of food stuck in there might be attracting them. It’s time to call the pro cleaners.

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Multiple Clogs

If you see a clog in one sink, check whether the same thing is happening in other places around the house. Inspect the bathtub, shower, and toilet. Are they also having difficulties letting the water drain out? Multiple clogs are complicated issues. They point to a deeper problem, such as faults in the main sewer line. Solving them requires special tools and techniques. Don’t try to tackle this alone. Get professionals to perform delicate troubleshooting to avoid costly damage.

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Toilet Overflows

image of an old toilet

Be mindful of your toilets if you have pets and kids around the house. They might plunk toys and trinkets into the bowl. Flushing these can cause problems along the drainage lines. Toilets can overflow without warning due to mounting paper and organic waste around the pathways. See if the plunger can solve the problem. If it doesn’t work, you might want to hire a drain cleaning service to fix it.

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Unresponsive Clogs

Most homeowners pour a bottle of chemical drain cleaner into clogs before asking for help. Sometimes it works, but it often fails to improve the situation. It may even damage the pipes and cause leaks. A simple clog can turn into a nightmare because of improper troubleshooting. If you have poured two bottles without visible progress, stop relying on these harsh chemicals. Better solutions exist. Contact a plumber for careful cleaning. Pros can solve the problem using the best practices and the proper equipment. They won’t put your pipes in jeopardy.

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It is easy to understand why homeowners wish to be independent. They often tackle problems head-on despite the difficulty because they want to save money and gain skills. However, their efforts are not always rewarded with success. Some might even cause damage. Know the difference between simple and advanced tasks. Use the list above as a guide when dealing with plumbing issues. If you encounter any of the ten signs, call a plumber immediately.

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