Why Is Water Pressure Important?

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Modern life is so convenient that we often fail to appreciate the complex systems that make it possible. For example, our plumbing system enables us to get water from the tap without thinking twice. However, sometimes, we turn on the faucet to find that the water pressure seems nonexistent or vice versa. What to do? When dealing with abnormal water pressure for house, you should always call a plumber to help out. This article discusses the importance of proper water pressure.

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What Is Water Pressure?

The technical definition of pressure is the force applied per unit area. In the context of plumbing, water pressure is the force exerted by the liquid as it passes through the pipes. This is commonly measured in pounds per square inch or PSI. It has to stay within an ideal range to maintain good flow to faucets, showerheads, toilet tanks, and various home appliances. Sometimes the pressure dips too low or rises too high, resulting in system malfunction. Homeowners can observe the symptoms to get a better grasp of the situation.

What Causes Water Pressure Variation?

The pressure will always be affected by gravity. Water will have a harder time climbing up to elevated areas such that the flow is stronger on the first floor than on the third floor of a house. We should also consider the amount of water being consumed at the same time. For example, early mornings are usually when people are busy cooking, washing, and bathing to prepare for their day. This can cause a temporary drop in pressure with undesirable results. Sometimes the problem is worse such as pipe damage or blockage. The issue might also be traced to the water source itself.

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What Happens When Water Pressure Drops?

1. Slow Water Flow

image of low water pressure from kitchen faucet

If the pressure drops below the ideal range, then you can expect the water to flow more slowly than before. Water might trickle out of the faucets at a snail’s pace. Household chores can take forever to finish such that dirty dishes pile up and dirty clothes begin to smell before you can attend to them. Even the simplest tasks such as making coffee become difficult when you need to wait a long time to fill up the kettle. Few will have the patience for this during the morning rush. Water should be available when you want it the most.

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2. Output Issue

When dealing with low water pressure, the output can become uneven across the home. People who need water at the same time might find that it is impossible to do their tasks simultaneously. For example, the shower may suddenly stop working because someone started using a nearby faucet. This can be incredibly irritating for someone who is getting ready for work. There are those who try to live with it by scheduling usage but this is sub-optimal. It is far better to improve the pressure and allow simultaneous use. Just call a plumber to get it done for you.

What Happens When The Water Pressure Spikes?

1. Pipe Damage

high water pressure damage

Higher than normal pressure can be destructive. The force could damage pipes that are not prepared to handle the stress. The problem tends to build up over time so you might not be aware of it right away. Once the pipes reach their breaking point, the damage will become difficult to ignore. A repair can take a lot of money if the affected areas are extensive but it will be necessary to return to normal. Let a plumber check where the problem lies so that this can be isolated immediately.

2. Water Leaks

The damaged pipes can cause leaks in and around the house. Water can spill all over the kitchen and cause further problems. Kitchen cabinets could get ruined by moisture over time if there are made from wood. Leaks will also be smelly and messy. They will be difficult to clean up each day. Small leaks tend to become big leaks over time so it is a good idea to move as fast as possible. The reality is that a lot of things can cause leaks so you need an expert plumber to help you determine the best course of action. There is a different solution for high water pressure that will not apply to others.

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3. Higher Bills

The leaks can lead to large volumes of wasted water. This is particularly unwelcome during times when water is scarce. What’s more, homeowners will have to pay for the water that they can’t even consume properly. This can lead to soaring water bills that may put a strain on the household budget. It makes more financial sense to pay for the services of a plumber. It is better to fix the problem right away rather than pay for wasted water indefinitely. You can save money and reduce your stress.



Are the problems described above familiar to you? Have you been experiencing the symptoms of low or high water pressure? Maybe you have been feeling helpless because you don’t know how to make things better. Just remember that you don’t have to live with the inconveniences. It is possible for the flow of water to improve by tweaking the pressure. Plumbers know exactly what to do so you can leave the problem to them and be amazed by the results. You will have a flawless plumbing system in no time at all.

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