Water Conservation Techniques: Water-Saving Home Renovations

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Water is a precious resource that we all share. Reckless use doesn’t only deplete the supply but also results in much higher utility bills. If your monthly payments are rising to unmanageable levels, then you need to do something to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Consider different water conservation techniques that might be applicable to your property. Some will only require a change in habits and an increased awareness of water use. Others will call for major changes involving new equipment.

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Water Conservation Techniques You Can Implement At Home

In this article, we share some ideas for water conservation techniques that you can easily do at home.

1. Repair Plumbing Leaks Right Away

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Before making any improvements, make sure that what you already have is operating optimally. If there are any issues, then you should attend to them immediately. Runaway water consumption is often caused by leaking pipes and faucets leaking water. Sometimes these are easy to spot and repair. At other times you won’t be able to find the problem by yourself. You will need to hire an experienced plumber to figure out where the leaks are occurring with special tools and techniques. With their help, the leaks can be found and fixed quickly to prevent further water damage to your property.

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2. Use Sprinklers With Timers And Sensors

If you have a large lawn, then maintenance can be a difficult chore. Manually watering the area would take too much time and effort. Installing a sprinkler system can make things easier. The permanently stationed sprinklers should be at strategic locations to provide excellent coverage. Homeowners can just simply turn them on and off as necessary. However, it is common for people to forget that the system is active. This wastes an enormous amount of water per hour. Pick sprinklers that come with timers for automatic shut-off. You could also include a rain sensor that will prevent it from coming on if there was substantial rainfall on that day.

3. Consider A Drip Irrigation System

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Another option is to install a drip irrigation system across the lawn. Many prefer this over sprinklers because they can provide a more uniform distribution of water. That means no brown spots even in the summer. This can also conserve water since it only uses a small amount throughout the day. In contrast, sprinklers use up a greater volume of water. They can only take care of plants and grass within their immediate vicinity. Poor planning can lead to uneven patches which do not look appealing. Ask your plumber if they can help you with this.

4. Get A Dual Flush Toilet

If you don’t have a big lawn to worry about, then focus on the biggest water consumers within your home. This tends to be the toilet which sees frequent use throughout the day. Older designs led to inefficient water use. They required a large volume of liquid to push everything down. Newer designs are able to get the job down while using only a fraction of the water volume. Consider having your plumber install a low-flush toilet for reduced consumption. Better yet, get a dual-flush toilet that will allow you to control the volume being used.

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5. Install A Low Flow Shower Head


You can apply the same principle with your shower head. If your current one has been installed many years ago, then it is probably using up much more water than you really need for bathing. Some consumers as much as 8 gallons per minute. Look into low-flow models. These should be capable of decreasing the flow rate to only two gallons per minute or even less. Check if the item has a water-efficiency star rating. This is a good indicator that you are looking at a high-performance product. Do the same for your faucets if possible. There is a wealth of options right now.

6. Upgrade To More Efficient Appliances

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Several appliances depend on water to perform their duties. For example, older top load washing machines are heavily dependent on water to clean the clothes throughout the spin cycles. If your unit is due to a replacement due to old age and performance issues, then make sure to replace it with a high-efficiency model this time around. Aside from being energy-efficient, it should also be water efficient. Front loading washing machines are excellent options.

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7. Install A Rain Barrel

Another way to reduce your water consumption is to use rainwater whenever possible. To do this, you must first install a rain barrel to collect the rain that falls on your roof. Consult your plumber about a suitable size for your house. Have them connect the rain barrel to the existing plumbing system.



As you can see, you have the power to conserve water and reduce your utility bills. Some of the strategies discussed will require a bit of investment but they will be worth every penny. Make the right decisions with the help of a reputable plumber who can guide you in product selection and installation.


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