Why Is Water Leaking Through The Ceiling After A Shower?

ceiling water damage due to bathroom water leak after showering

If you notice water stains or wet spots on your ceiling right below the bathroom, there is likely a water leak in your upstairs bathroom. This kind of leak is common and if left unattended, it can cause extensive damage. Therefore, you want to take care of it as soon as you notice it. Otherwise, you will face extensive water damage, plumbing repairs, and more. Here’s some more information on why water leaking through ceiling after shower.

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Why Does My Ceiling Leak When I Shower?

In this article, we discuss the possible causes for this issue and what to do if your shower is leaking through the floor.

Can A Small Shower Leak Cause Much Damage?

homeowner holding pan to catch water leaking through ceiling

Yes, the water can damage the drywall and it can cause wood rot as well as structural damage. Besides, the wet conditions support the growth of organisms such as mold, which will expose your family to serious health issues. If you want to keep your family safe, and if you don’t want to pay massive repair bills down the road, you should fix the leak right away. But to fix the plumbing problem, you need to find the cause of the leak and the phone number of a good plumber.

You can perform some water leak troubleshooting while waiting for your plumber to arrive. However, it is best to call a plumber immediately to address the issue. Then, inspect the issue as a means to give your plumber more information when they arrive.

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How To Stop Shower Leaking Through Ceiling

Before you decide on the kind of plumbing repairs you need, you need to zero in on the source of the water leak. Water leaks are often not easy to diagnose. However, because the leak is directly below the bathroom, that should give you a good idea of where to start. The first and the easiest thing to do is look around your bathroom. The cause won’t be apparent immediately, so here are likely causes you should look out for:

1. Leaking Water Pipe

image of water pipes

Loose or broken pipes are a very common cause of water leaks. If possible, inspect the water valve that’s behind the walls. If water is dripping or if the connecting pipes are damaged, that’s likely the source of the leak. The source of the leak might also be the water supply lines that connect to the toilet or sink trap. Leaks may also emanate from water seeping through the connector joints in the water supply lines. If this is the cause, you’ll need the help of a plumber who’ll have to tear up part of the bathroom floor to get to the leak.

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2. Damaged Bathroom Tile

Bathroom tiles serve an aesthetic purpose, but importantly, they keep water from soaking the bathroom floor and the surrounding walls. If your bathroom tiling is damaged or loose, water can seep into the surface below. Another cause of leaking could be worn-out grout and old substrate (the surface into which tiles are attached).

3. Leaking Drain Gasket

The rubber gasket that’s under the shower drain can, over time, dry out, break, and leak.

4. Faulty Shower Faucet



If your shower faucet drips even after you’ve turned it off, you could be losing a massive amount of water weekly. And, even worse, the dripping can lead to leaks in the wall. Broken gaskets and O-rings are usually the culprits.

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5. Clogged Shower Drain

When soap, hair, and any other debris accumulate in the shower drain, it can cause a blockage. If the pan or tub overflows due to the obstruction, water can leak to the surface below.

6. Your Toilet Has A Broken Wax Ring

wobbly toilet

Another source of water leaks may be the toilet. If a toilet isn’t properly sealed at the base, or if the sealing is cracked, broken, or worn out, toilet water may seep into your walls and ceiling with every flush. To figure out if this is the source, you should flush water that has food coloring. If you find out that this is the problem, you should then shut the water off until the issue is fixed.

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How To Minimize Damage Water Damage In Your Home

If you weren’t about to troubleshoot the problem, or if you’ve tried to find the source of the water leak without success, that’s ok. The first course of action should be that you should shut off the main water line to your house. This is inconvenient and annoying, but it necessary. It can save you thousands of dollars in further damage. Besides, your insurer may reluctant to compensate you the full amount if they find out that the damage happened gradually, over time.

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Should You Call A Plumber Right Away?

sign that reads call a plumberAs mentioned above, yes, absolutely. When it comes to an active water leak, you shouldn’t dilly dally. The damage can get significantly worse very quickly. You may want to put off the plumbing repairs because of the plumbing repair costs. However, if a water leak is so active that you can see the wet spot increasing in size, you should contact a plumber immediately.

What A Plumber Might Do To Fix A Leaking Shower

  • Properly diagnose the source of your water leak & repair it accordingly
  • Prevent further property damage
  • Tighten the connector joints in the supply line if the leak is in the walls or close to the faucet
  • If the substrate is water damaged, install new tiles and substrate.
  • Clear the shower drain using the plumber’s snake
  • Check if there are any openings in the grout, even the tiniest hole can lead to water leaks.
  • Reseal the toilet and the shower drains

As soon as you notice a water leak or water spots, you should hire a qualified plumber to fix the problem. This will help prevent potentially extensive and costly damage to your house.

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Some of the possible causes of water leaking through the ceiling after a shower include broken wax ring sealing in the toilet, clogged drain, faulty shower faucet, leaking drain gasket, leaking water pipe, and damaged bathroom tiles.

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