Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Tankless Water Heater

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Tankless water heaters are reliable machines that can last much longer than most home appliances. If you are diligent with tankless water heater maintenance, then you can enjoy its services for up to two decades. That makes the tankless hot water heater price worth every penny. However, factors such as poor water quality, non-ideal location, and improper water heater installation can all lead to a shorter lifespan. It is hard to gauge when a specific unit needs to go, but you can check for signs before making a decision. Below are the most important indicators that it’s time for a tankless water heater replacement.

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On-Demand Water Heater Replacement: What To Look For

In this article, we discuss when to upgrade your instant water heater:

Tankless Water Heater Age

Once your instantaneous water heater reaches 10 years of age, you should increase your vigilance in monitoring its condition. This is usually the turning point when parts start to fail and performance begins to slip. By the time the unit is 15 years old, you can expect it to develop major problems. It may still be possible to save the water heater through repairs, but this will cost a lot of money. There may come a point when you would rather spend on a new model and say goodbye to the old one.

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On-Demand Water Heater Inefficiency

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Every water heater has its own limitations. Familiarize yourself with your unit’s abilities and limitations so that you can operate it within reasonable conditions. This will ensure good performance each time. If you are not pushing its limit yet or it is having a hard time keeping up, then you may be dealing with a problem that requires professional attention. It may come to a point where the water heater can no longer provide for your daily needs. This may be severely disruptive. Get a plumber to check why this is happening.

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Tankless Water Heater Breakdowns

Demand-type water heaters are not immune to system failures. However, the average unit will not need repairs more than once a year. If your heater is breaking down multiple times in a span of twelve months, then you may want to have a serious discussion with your plumber. Perhaps there is a deeper underlying issue. Maybe multiple parts are failing in succession because of wear and tear. The stress of dealing with these and the cost of frequent water heater repairs can be overwhelming. If this happens to you, then consider getting a replacement unit for a fresh start.

It is common for people to keep holding on to their old unit. After all, replacing it seems like such a hassle. It is easier to ignore problems while they stay tolerable. However, this only gives them a chance to get worse over time. At some point, an instant water heater replacement will become inevitable. Smart homeowners know when to act based on their observations.


The Benefits of Replacing Your Tankless Water Heater

If you are still resistant to replacing your unit, then it may be due to your focus on the difficulties that come with change. Turn your attention to on-demand water heater benefits instead. You will find plenty of reasons to make a tankless water heater upgrade. Consider the following perks and perhaps you will realize that a new unit is worth your time and your money.

1. Greater Instant Water Heater Reliability

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If your current water heater is failing frequently, then it may be due for replacement. Hot water should come out of your fixtures on demand. You already have a long list of concerns, so you should not worry about how the water heater will perform. You don’t have to test your patience with its problematic performance when you can get a new unit that will function flawlessly each time. There will be no odd noises or flow issues. The temperature will be just right, according to your settings. This will help you finish tasks quickly and comfortably.

2. Minimal On-Demand Water Heater Maintenance

Old water heating units cannot escape wear and tear. Aging will eventually catch up to each part of the water heater. The most vulnerable ones fail faster than the others. Owners need to perform regular maintenance to keep the system operational. They may even have to do extra tasks or increase the frequency of tune-ups just to avoid problems. It is a lot of work and not everyone has the time for it. If you want a unit that can supply hot water with minimal fuss, then purchase a new instant water heater replacement and enjoy your free time.

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3. Higher Water Heater Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are roughly 30 to 50% more efficient than traditional tanked water heaters. That’s because it only heats up water on demand rather than keeping water hot inside a tank for extended periods. What’s more, engineers are always working to improve the designs of new systems. A lot of research is focused on increasing energy efficiency so expect modern units to consume far less energy than the one that you are using today. If you are concerned about the environment, then this is a good way to help the cause.

4. Lower Energy Bills

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With lower energy consumption comes lower utility bills. You may see a significant reduction in your monthly dues if you are heavily reliant on your water heater. This is certainly a welcome change for everyone. The savings on bills and repairs can easily justify the cost of the new unit and its installation.

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5. Longer Tankless Water Heater Lifespan

A modern unit has all the technological innovations that came about in the last decade or so. It will be more reliable than old heaters. It will also come with a longer expected lifespan thanks to better components and clever design. You should not hesitate about the purchase since you are likely to get 15-20 years out of the equipment under ideal conditions. Do your part by keeping up with maintenance tasks and checking the hardness of the water for maximum longevity.



Let your tankless water heater retire if it needs to. Check for signs and act accordingly. Get a replacement if your current one is old, inefficient, and problematic. Countless options are available with modern features and reliable operation. Call a plumber to help you set it up for a quick and easy installation.

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