What To Think About When Buying A Tankless Water Heater

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Water heating draws large amounts of energy. If you wish to reduce consumption and save money, then consider switching to a tankless water heating system. Tankless heaters raise water temperature only when you need it. This is in sharp contrast to traditional heaters which keep a water tank hot all the time. An on-demand system results in lower energy requirements, decreased environmental impact, and significant monthly savings. Just make sure that you are getting the best tankless water heater for your home.

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What To Think About When Buying A Tankless Water Heater

The following considerations should be kept in mind when selecting an on-demand water heater:

Tankless Water Heater Sizing

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Your tankless water heater should be big enough to provide for your needs. Determine how you want the system to perform. Will it be dedicated to a single shower or the whole home? List down the flow rate of each fixture that requires hot water. These include the bathtub, kitchen sink, dishwasher, laundry, and so on. For example, the shower might require a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute while the bathtub calls for 4 gallons per minute. Add everything up. Your tankless heater must have a GPM rating that exceeds the sum. Consult a plumber to ask questions about tankless water heater sizing.

Energy Source

Tankless water heaters can be powered by gas or electricity. Both have their own pros and cons so study each one to evaluate their suitability to your situation. Electric heaters should be fine for a small home. Installation is straightforward and performance is reliable.

If you are going with gas, then you will have to get bigger gas lines. This increases the cost of installation. Some feel that this is worth the money because gas provides faster heating and enables higher water pressure for larger homes. The pilot light will be on all the time which adversely affects energy consumption. A gas unit with an intermittent ignition device can reduce gas usage.

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On-Demand Water Heater Efficiency

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You want a tankless water heater that can efficiently harness fuel to get the job done. This is easy to check thanks to the energy factor rating which should be specified for every unit. It is expressed in decimals instead of percentages, such as 1.0 is equal to 100% efficiency. An EF rating of 0.90 or higher is good enough to merit an Energy Star label. Many products now provide 0.95 EF, thanks to technological advancements like dual heat exchangers and electronic spark ignition. High-efficiency units are more expensive but they will save you money over the long term. Consider them as excellent investments.

Multiple Water Heaters

One tankless heater is more than sufficient if you will only use hot water for the occasional shower. However, bigger homes with large families may require more units to ensure that the supply can keep up with the demand. This is especially important if multiple taps are open at the same time. This will complicate the installation so make sure that you discuss the matter with an experienced plumber. Experts can plan everything to guarantee an adequate flow rate and sufficient water pressure.

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Location Of The Tankless Water Heater

The fact that no storage tank is needed means that these water heaters are generally small, light, and easy to install. They offer great flexibility in terms of location. You can simply hang them near the water fixture to improve efficiency. Hanging installations free up precious floor space which is particularly important in tiny spaces like bathrooms. Electric models can be placed anywhere whereas gas models need a bit more planning. Some might require outside venting while others can be vented through the walls or the roof.



Getting the right tankless water heater for your home will be easier with the help of an expert plumber. Experienced plumbers can inspect your house and estimate your water heating requirements. They will come up with a solid plan for the unit’s acquisition, placement, and installation. You will enjoy efficient operation, manageable energy bills, and an abundant supply of hot water whenever you need it. Call a trusted plumber today to start the discussions.


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