How To Know If A Faulty Water Heater Is Affecting The Home

woman dealing with a cold shower from faulty water heaterHaving water heater issues is a big inconvenience. Nobody wants to take a shower in cold water during the winter and nobody likes to boil water to get a nice hot bath. It is crucial to check the reliability of the water heater regularly. This way, you can ensure that you don’t go without hot water when you least expect it. Likewise, it also gives you the opportunity to schedule a water heater replacement on your terms and not as an emergency.

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Signs That You Need To Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Here are some telltale signs that your water heater is faulty and requires a water heater replacement:

1. Your Water Heater Makes Strange Noises

woman covering her ears from noisy water heater

Machines generally create noises when they are operating. Even the water heater is not completely silent but the natural noise it makes should not bother anyone. However, if the machine is making a more noticeable sound, it may be a symptom of sediment buildup or mineral formation inside the tank. This causes the hot water heater to consume more energy just to function properly.

Proper maintenance, such as flushing the tank and using a water softener, can delay the process of mineral buildup. If the strange noises persist, it may be a sign that the machine needs to be serviced or replaced.

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2. Your Water Heater Does Not Produce Enough Hot Water

If there is a shortage of hot water, or if the hot water runs out quickly, this is another negative sign. Again, sediment buildup can cause the heater to take a longer time to heat the water. It may also be an electrical problem. If cleaning (flushing) the tank does not solve the dilemma, you may have to call an expert plumber to see what the issue is.

3. Leaking Water Heater

water heater leak

Water can leak from the tank or the pipes. Water can form pools around the unit and may cause moisture issues. Some leaks are easy to fix. If you spot a problem with the connections, simply call a plumber to tighten them until water stops leaking. If there is an issue with the valve, have a plumber replace it.

If the temperature/pressure valve is the issue, make sure to call a plumbing company right away. They will need to replace the unit before it causes overheating. In some instances, the leak may come from the tank. This is caused by corrosion, which requires the tank to be replaced.

4. Colored Water

When the water coming out of the faucet is rusty or cloudy, this signifies that the tank or the pipes are corroded. Sometimes, the water may not be colored, but it may taste metallic. Corrosion will soon eat away the metal from tank or plumbing and cause leaks in the future. It also foreshadows that that water heater will soon fail to function. As soon as you see any of these signs, have a plumber check the unit for possible repairs or replacement.

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5. Varying Water Temperatures

image of a water heating system replacement

If you find yourself showering with hot water then the temperature shifts to cold all of a sudden, it may simply be an issue with the electricity. This occurs if there is a power outage in your area. However, if this problem persists, it may mean that you need to replace your water heater with a new one.

6. Old Water Heater

All appliances have a lifespan. Quality water heaters usually last at least 10 years before you need to replace them. You can even extend the life of the unit by using a water softener and ensuring regular maintenance. Nonetheless, the water heating system will soon reach the end of its usability.

You can check the age of your water heater by checking the serial number. You can find this attached to the upper part of the device. There is a production date written on it. The first two digits of the code indicate the last two digits of the year it was manufactured. For example, if the device was manufactured in 2009, the first two digits of the serial code will be 09.


Last Words: Importance Of  Water Heater Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your water heater useful for a long period. A regular tune-up from a trained plumbing professional ensures that you will not experience water heater issues constantly. Call a water heater professional as soon as you spot any of the telltale signs mentioned above.

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