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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Drains

The drains in your home are designed to take out liquid waste, but they are often exposed to a wide range of solid and semi solid wastes. The end result is clogging, either partially or completely. If your drains are partially clogged, water flow from the kitchen sink, bathtub or bathroom floor will be slow. If the drains are completely clogged, water will remain in your plumbing fixtures. Robinson Plumbing, who conducts professional drain cleaning services, shares some advice on what you should do when you have a clogged drain. It's not a hard or difficult process. The good news is that cleaning your drains is easy. All you need is a plunger, hot water and some vinegar or baking soda. Click through to learn how to keep your drains safe and how to properly clear your clog. Read more ยป