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Why Do I Need a Backflow Prevention Device

A backflow prevention device is important for the overall sustainability of a plumbing system and is a way for homeowners to keep their family safe by preventing contamination. The EPA identifies a backflow prevention device in Alburtis, PA as an absolute necessity. Read this article to find out more on what backflow is and what a backflow prevention system can do for you. Read more »

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What Is Backflow & How Do You Prevent It?

Backflow is a situation in plumbing whereby water flows in the unwanted or reverse direction and is likely to cause major damages. In most cases, there are health risks related to it since dirty water may find its way into clean water hence leading to contamination. Even when it happens in one home, there is the potential of the health risks spreading to the entire surrounding community. The main causes of backflow are backpressure and siphoning. In order to correct this problem, you need effective plumbing services. Read more »