Why Do I Need a Backflow Prevention Device

backflow prevention deviceA backflow prevention device is important for the overall sustainability of a plumbing system whether you live in Alburtis, Emmaus or any other area of the Lehigh Valley. The EPA identifies a backflow prevention device as an absolute necessity. The reason that this type of device is essential is because of several things, like debris, contamination, or pressure. But you may be wondering how the aforementioned issues are related to this preventative device.

What Might Happen Without A Backflow Device?

You probably know that waste flows through designated pipes in your home, and clean water flows through designated pipes as well. Both of these systems are separated in different ways. One of the most common ways they are separated is by air gaps.

But air gaps are not always reliable, and there are some highly-pressurized areas where an air gap simply cannot be installed. This is where a backflow device becomes a necessity. A lot of problems could arise with the constant flow of water in and out of your home.

One incident that might disturb the delicate pressure in your water system is a water main bursting. This can cause a drop in pressure, which could lead to backflow. You might also lose pressure if your water pipes freeze or if several fire hydrants are opened at once.

You do not want to lose pressure because this means contaminated water might flow backwards. That means clean water may get contaminated with waste, fecal matter, and other distasteful contaminants. It is this risk that makes installing a good backflow device essential for any homeowner, including yourself.


How Does The Backflow Device Actually Work?

The backflow device is complicated to understand, but it is important to know the basics of its operation. For example, under ideal conditions when the water pressure exceeds 2 psi, it is pushed through the upper chamber of the device and passes through easily.

The psi should rise to 6, and when this happens, the first valve in the device is released to allow water into the mid-section. The second valve opens up once the mid-section is filled. You have to keep in mind that your device will read the water pressure 3 times because it is a 3-part system.

The 3-part system is what makes the backflow device imperative. For example, the pressure between the device will equalize if the first valve detects debris. This means that water that seeps through the mid-section will simply fall through the relieve valve, since the pressure was not strong enough to fill the mid-section. Your device will immediately alarm you of the problem.

The third chamber, the one that reads backflow pressure, is the one that might detect debris or waste. This valve will close, just like the first chamber did, should it detect harmful contaminants. The release valve will release any contaminants that flow through the system. This will protect your clean water supply or tank. You will also be alarmed of the problems so that your plumber can take action.

Robinson Backflow CTA

Hopefully you can see that there are a few reasons you should have a backflow device installed in your home. It is an essential part of your water system.

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