Advancements in Plumbing Technology

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Modern homes are becoming much more efficient and convenient thanks to incremental technological advancements. These are not limited to flashy household appliances. Even plumbing systems are increasing in sophistication. Homeowners can benefit from the trend by implementing the latest plumbing technology in their properties. Select items that suit your lifestyle and let plumbers install them for guaranteed performance. The most compelling options are listed below:

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Advancements in Plumbing Technology

Keep reading to explore some of the latest trends in modern plumbing.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Plumber Installing Tankless Water Heater

Optimize space utilization and reduce energy consumption by switching to tankless water heaters. As the name implies, these systems removed the storage unit of traditional configurations. They only apply heat when necessary instead of working around the clock. Homeowners save a lot of money with this strategy. Tankless systems are also perfect for homes that might be too cramped for a hot water container. Their method of operation places less stress on the components, so they provide better reliability and longer lifespans than traditional systems.

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Home Plumbing Fixture Automation

Hotels, restaurants, malls, and other commercial establishments often use sensors in their plumbing fixtures. For example, their faucets can detect the presence of a hand. They can turn on and off automatically, so you don’t need to touch anything when using the restrooms. Hand dryers often operate in the same way. Feel a gush of hot air when moving close to these units. Toilets can also flush automatically for improved sanitation. Implementing touchless systems is arguably more hygienic than manual fixtures. Remember that countless individuals share these facilities. These sensor-laden products are making their way into millions of homes. They may soon become the norm.

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Advanced Plumbing Materials

pex piping

Old homes used metal pipes to direct the flow of water. These become problematic as they age due to corrosion. Their walls weaken, creating holes and cracks through which water leaks out. Their rigidity also makes them vulnerable to damage due to shifting soil and increasing stress. Fluctuations in pressure and temperature can damage the joints. New homes often use PVC or PEX pipes. These are much more flexible and durable than metal piping. They also prevent dangerous contamination. Consider switching if you have deteriorating lead, copper, or stainless steel pipes.

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Wastewater Recycling

Water is abundant in some places and scarce in others. Living in a drought-hit region forces you to think carefully about your consumption. Reduce waste to a minimum by recycling wastewater. Some homes collect the greywater from showers and sinks because these can still be useful for flushing toilets and watering plants. The liquid can go through a cleaning process before reuse. Ask your local plumber to design a system that can perform these functions. Every property requires a unique configuration. You might even take it a step further by collecting rainwater. Use it for washing clothes, dishes, cars, and driveways.

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Low-Flow Bathroom Fixtures

Every initiative to reduce water consumption must start with the bathroom. After all, it is where we shower every day. Find ways to conserve the precious resource in this space. For example, you may replace the showerhead with a low-flow alternative. It can use less water without any noticeable drop in performance. You could also replace the toilet with a low-flow model to flush waste with fewer gallons. These small changes add up to make a significant difference in monthly consumption.

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Alternative Energy Sources

Heating water with electricity from the grid or natural gas from utility companies can be expensive. It also contributes to environmental problems. Consider the use of alternative energy sources to accomplish the same result. For example, you can harness solar technology to increase water temperature. Many commercial establishments are using this type of system. Ask an experienced plumber about applying the concept in your home.

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Remote Control For Your Plumbing System

Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming a standard feature among home appliances. It helps owners exercise control via smartphone apps. Even if they are outside the house, they can connect to the Internet and change the settings of each item. For example, they can turn on the air conditioner before leaving the office so they arrive in a cold and comfortable home. They can also modify the temperature and timer settings for the water heater and other sections of the plumbing system.

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Smart Irrigation

image of a leaking sprinkler system that needs irrigation repair

Lawns and gardens can be hard to maintain. Regular tasks fall by the wayside because of work and other commitments. Ensure consistency by installing smart irrigation technology. A digital control device can turn on the sprinklers at the designated time every day. It also controls water consumption to prevent waste. Set it and forget it. Some systems can adjust the schedule and volume based on the weather forecast. It further reduces the need for human input. Enjoy a beautiful front lawn while you go about your day.

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Leak Detectors

Many homeowners are also searching for proactive ways to detect leaks. These are among the most common plumbing issues, so it’s no surprise that we now have products aimed at early detection. Place these in areas prone to floods, like the basement, laundry room, and kitchen sink cabinet. The items will emit an audible alarm when they sense moisture. It helps people act quickly to prevent property damage, mold growth, and water waste. Test the batteries from time to time to ensure reliable performance.

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Plumbing has come a long way in the last few decades. It is no longer a passive system that directs the flow of water. It can be an active network of highly functional sensors and fixtures, with each item doing its part in conserving water, minimizing energy consumption, and improving user convenience. Advanced plumbing technologies used to be the exclusive domain of commercial establishments, but lower prices and greater availability make them more suitable for residential applications. Experienced plumbers can help homeowners choose the right products for their needs.

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