The Do’s And Don’ts Of Plumbing: Maintenance Tips

image of plumber's tips and plumbing services Macungie PAPlumbing problems, and the associated mistakes that happen when trying to fix those problems, can cost you hundreds of dollars. You can avoid these mistakes by knowing a few routine things to do. You can also save yourself a lot of hassle by knowing what not do to. When in doubt, call a plumber so that you can save money in the long run.

Garbage Disposals

Many people are not aware that they should run cold water when using their garbage disposal. This keeps food particles solid, such as blobs of grease, which will keep them moving safely through your lines. You can grind ice in your disposal about once a month. It really does help to keep those blades nice and sharp.

Do Not:

It may seem like common sense, but many people still run into problems when putting drained off grease, cooking oil, lard and other fats through the garbage disposal. Bones and other hard food substances, like corn husks or artichokes should not be fed into garbage disposals.  Fibrous or stringy foods are also not good for your disposal. Do not run hot water because this dissolves any fat attached to the food that you are disposing of. It causes clogs farther down in your lines.

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Use only appropriate cleaners for your toilet and toilet bowl. Be sure to use only the recommended amount of drain cleaner if you do find a clog. Too much drain cleaner can be corrosive to certain plumbing materials. Also, it can make the clog worse than it was before using the cleaner.


Do not flush anything that is not recommended to be flushed. This can create a major toilet clog. Not all feminine products can go down the toilet. Check the product package to find out if yours is flushable. The toilet drain feeds right into the main drain pipe for your entire home. This means that if even one item is improperly flushed, you can back up your entire home. Fortunately, there are plumbers who are available to call if this were to happen. A situation like this is a stinky mess that is impossible for any amateur do-it-yourselfer to fix. Additionally, do not use boiling, or even hot, water in your toilet bowl. There are plenty of myths that recommend using this method which are found on the Internet. Toilet bowls are not designed to tolerate hot water. It can compromise the enamel or even crack the porcelain. Skip the hot water and only use appropriate toilet cleaners.

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Sink And Tub Drains


Whether it is the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, or the bathtub drain, you should pour a few gallons of boiling water down the drain about once a month. This keeps any grease or hair that has accumulated from clogging up your lines. On especially cold days and nights during the winter months, be sure to keep a pencil-sized stream of water freely flowing. This can help prevent frozen and busted pipes from occurring.

Do Not:

Do not treat your sink drains as garbage cans. They are not made to flush anything and everything. Never put non-food items down any drain. Don’t shower if you have used tanning oil recently. Wipe yourself down with a baby wipe or paper towel first.

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Plumbing Services Macungie PA

These do’s and don’ts of plumbing can keep your water running freely throughout your home. However, if you need a little extra care and maintenance, call a reputable plumber before you get in too deep. Too many homeowners take on a DIY project and realize halfway through that they are in over their heads. They have made a huge mistake and they don’t know how to fix the mistake they just made.  When it comes to plumbing, this can lead to some major damages. It is not uncommon for homeowners to flood their own homes or create expensive water damage repairs. . Be sure to contact a plumber and save some money, time, and effort.

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