Top 11 Most Common Plumbing Questions And Answers

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All homeowners experience similar plumbing issues. After all, most homes have plumbing systems that operate similarly and therefore, will experience the same type of issues when something goes awry.  Seasoned plumbers, therefore, are asked similar plumbing questions when there is any type of issue within the plumbing system.

If you are a new homeowner, then it’s a good idea to get familiar with these questions and their answers. The knowledge will help you move swiftly when you encounter the same problems.

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Top 11 Most Common Plumbing Questions And Answers

Below, are 11 of the most common plumbing questions and answers:

1. Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

toilet constantly runs

If you hear a continuous flow of water from the toilet, then you might be dealing with an open flap. This should seal shut at the bottom of the tank after flushing. However, sometimes the flap may not cover the hole the right way, the chain controlling it might break, or an object might create a gap. Jiggling the handle could work. You might also take a peek inside the tank or let a plumber fix it for you.

2. Why Does My Drain Get Clogged?

Everyone is bound to experience a clogged drain at least once. Typically causes include plastics, oils, and hair that get inside the pipes. Being mindful of what we allow to go down the drains and cleaning them regularly can go a long way towards preventing clogs. If they still happen, then call a plumber to get the offending items out of the pipes.

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3. Why Does Hot Water Run Out Fast?

If you have an electric water heater, then this could be a sign that one or both of the heating elements have stopped working. This might also be due to a tripped reset button. The latter requires further investigation into the underlying issue. Plumbers can check the situation and provide a proper diagnosis.

4. Should I Care About Hard And Soft Water?

water softener

These terms are thrown around a lot but most homeowners don’t have any idea what they mean. Hard water is filled with excessive minerals which can damage the pipes, cause skin problems, destroy clothes, and emanate foul odors. Water softeners are necessary to solve these problems.

5. Why Is My Water Bill So High?

The water bill is tied to consumption. If the most recent bill is unusually high, then you are probably facing a major leak. Sometimes leaks are highly visible such as when they happen due to faulty faucets and exposed pipes. However, sometimes they are harder to find because the leak is deep underground or within the walls. Let a plumber find it for you.

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6. What Can I Do To Stop Leaks?

Homeowners can stop major leaks by turning off the water supply from the mains. This should prevent flooding, minimize damage, and reduce panic. Every member of the family should know where the shut-off valve is located. Once it stops, call a plumber who can provide a permanent fix.

7. Can I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

liquid drain cleaner

When drains get clogged, it’s tempting to use chemical drain cleaners to solve the problem. However, this could cause more harm by damaging the pipes. They might also contain toxic ingredients that should be kept away from children. Be careful about the products you purchase. Let the pros clean the clogs to prevent long-term damage.

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8. Why Is The Water Heater Noisy?

Excessive noise from the water heater may arise from sediment buildup in the tank. These should be drained using the valve at the bottom. Noise may also be due to steam problems. Changing the thermostat setting can help but if the thermostat itself is faulty, then it’s time to have a plumber handle the matter.

9. What Can Go Into The Garbage Disposal?

garbage disposal

Limit what you put into the garbage disposal unit. Soft organic matter such as vegetable peels, sliced meats, and the like are fine. Hard items like bones and fiber-rich things like corn husks can cause jams so find other ways to dispose of them.

10. Should I Turn Off The Water For Vacations?

You definitely should. If you are going to leave the house empty for a long time, then it’s a good idea to turn off the water from the main supply. This will give you peace of mind as it ensures that no major leaks will happen while you’re away.

11. How Should I Choose My Plumber?


If you have the luxury of time, then do a background check on your options. Go to the Better Business Bureau and check the rating. Read about the complaints and the resolutions. Confirm that they are licensed by the state. Find former clients and ask their opinions on your candidates. Discuss your plumbing concerns and compare their estimates.

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