How To Safely Clear Broken Glass From Your Garbage Disposal

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Your garbage disposal has the impressive ability to grind down massive amounts of rubbish. Unfortunately, however, there are times when the wrong types of items and materials make their way down into the drain. When they do, you have to have a way to safely get them back out. Grinding these things up rather than removing them could seriously damage this appliance. More importantly, pulling them out with your hands could lead to lacerations or other injuries. For instance, if you ever experience glass in the garbage disposal, knowing how to remove it without harming yourself and without damaging your garbage disposal is critical.

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How To Safely Clear Broken Glass From Your Garbage Disposal

In this article, we discuss how to remove glass from your garbage disposal.

Identify The Broken Item To Know What You’re Looking For

Find out which of your plates, mugs, or other serving-ware has been broken. Assessing the remainder of this item will give you an idea of how much glass you’re looking for.

You may find that a relatively small piece of glass has chipped off or you might discover that an entire saucer is lying at the bottom of the drain in numerous pieces. Having an idea of the amount of glass that you need to retrieve will ensure that you aren’t leaving any large pieces behind.

Use A Light To Peer Down Into The Unit

flashlight for looking into garbage disposalUse your cell phone or a flashlight to illuminate the interior of the drain. If the fragments of glass are visible, you may be able to quickly reach in and retrieve them with an appropriate tool.

Before taking any action, however, you’ll want to make sure that the power to your garbage disposal has been turned completely off. There should be a simple on-and-off switch at the base of the unit or on the wall. The best way to ensure that the power supply to this appliance is off is by shutting it off at the circuit breaker. Only after this has been done will you be able to safely reach in and pull the fragments out.

If you have protective gloves, be sure to use them to avoid getting cut on sharp edges. If you do not have protective gloves, consider using a pair of needle-nose pliers or kitchen tongs to remove the obstruction.

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Suctions The Remaining Fragments Up With Your Vacuum Cleaner

In some instances, it may be possible to retrieve small pieces of broken glass using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This is only a workable solution, however, when there is no substantial build-up of water in the drain and when your vacuum boasts both wet and dry operation.

More often than not, if the obstruction in your garbage disposal has created a considerable back-up of water, you should call a plumber. In instances like these, we can safely remove all glass fragments, clear any resulting blockages, and make sure that everything is working properly.

Verify That You’ve Collected Everything

If possible, take a quick look at the amount of glass that you’ve collected and then compare it to the missing pieces from your broken item or items. This will tell you whether or not the job is done. If you have performed the retrieval with a pair of tongs or needle-nose pliers, be sure to follow-up with a wet-dry vacuum. Consequently, even relatively small-sized shards can cause continued problems with the garbage disposal and its functioning.


Perform A Quick Test

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If your troubleshooting was thorough and effective, your disposal should run seamlessly and without making any harsh grinding sounds. Turn the power supply to the unit back on and let the water run for several seconds. Then activate your garbage disposal.

If you hear strange noises, turn the unit off immediately. If the disposal does not turn on after the power supply has been restored and your troubleshooting is complete, try pushing the red reset button at the base of the unit.

However, if the problem still remains unresolved, get in touch with us to schedule a garbage disposal repair service. It may be that the unit has sustained lasting damage, or it could be that it’s finally reached the end of its lifespan. With a professional inspection and repair, you can be sure that everything is performing exactly as it should.

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