9 Interesting Facts About Plumbers You May Not Know

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Life is so much easier with modern plumbing solutions. Plumbing is the reason why it is so convenient for us to wash dishes, water the lawn, and brush our teeth. Oftentimes, we find ourselves at the receiving end of the benefits of plumbing but we hardly think about it… until a pipe bursts, the shower gets clogged, and the sink breaks. When these things happen, we lose whatever conveniences we enjoyed.

Nothing makes us remember how much we need plumbing like a broken pipe or a clogged sink. This is when we realize the importance of technical knowledge so we could fix the problem correctly. Of course, we can always call a plumber – the guy whose services we take for granted until problems arise.

If you have ever wondered what plumbers really do and what their job really is like, we talked to some plumbing professionals on our team. What they have to say will be quite surprising to you.

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9 Interesting Facts About Plumbers You May Not Know

Here are 9 plumber facts that might surprise you.

Something Different Happens Everyday

Every single day is simply a new challenge for plumbers. In fact, every day is unique in terms of the job and the tasks they do. One day a plumber would be working on a new faucet for a homeowner and the next, they may be fixing a leak in the local university’s swimming pool. Every job is also a unique challenge, so a plumber must treat it with professional know-how and creativity.

We Want A Name Change For The Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal

True, the garbage disposal is a god-send and quite handy for eliminating kitchen refuse. However, plumbers will never look at a garbage disposal with plenty of affection. And it is all because of the substances (chemicals included) that people tend to dump in them. According to plumbers, you should try to avoid discarding every little thing in your disposal. Otherwise, plumbers might have to rename this appliance as “sink disposals”. If you can’t help but feed your garbage disposal with every piece of kitchen refuse, consider throwing them away instead.

If you must clean your disposal, use lemon juice (do not use the peels) and add ice.

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Kitchen Waste Is The Worst

Plumbers swear that kitchen waste is even worse than even human waste. Asked what the grossest parts of their job are, our plumbers voted fixing a problem in the bathroom over fixing an issue in the kitchen. Every plumber we interviewed said that the most unpleasant thing they ever encountered was grease. Although human waste matter from the bathroom is of course, still on the gross list, decaying fat and grease is a unique challenge altogether. Plumbers agree that with regular maintenance and proper drain cleaning, you can keep your kitchen debris to a minimum and save yourself the cost and trouble.

Fixing Your Pipes Can Be Risky

image of a plumber working on a water pipe

People probably won’t believe it but plumbing is actually a dangerous profession. Even seemingly simple tasks such as fixing pipes, for example, can leave a plumber vulnerable to certain problems. Plumbing systems often expose plumbers to very high air and water pressures. If a pipe bursts, it can generate as much as 100 lbs. of pressure that could seriously damage any object or person that happens to be within proximity.

Imagine a fire hydrant heading straight in your direction at full force, releasing 200-400 gallons of water per minute and that is what plumbers have to deal with on a daily basis. Top that with the risks of exposure to chemicals, accidents, or injuries that come with handling heavy-duty equipment, and exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microorganisms, and you have a good idea of how perilous the job can be. This is the reason why plumbers undergo intensive safety training and practice extra precautions at work. This is also the reason why many plumbing tasks are not recommended as DIY projects for homeowners.

An Older Plumber Knows Better

plumbing tools

If you are facing a serious plumbing problem and need it fixed right away, a plumbing professional is your best bet. However, hiring a plumber can be a bit intimidating. Of course, you want to hire the best, preferably one who can do the best job. According to plumbers, it helps to hire a plumber who is seasoned at his/her job. In plumbing, experience is critical. A plumber with training and experience will always beat a plumber with training and intention. Robinson Plumbing has been a trusted plumbing company in Lehigh Valley. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure that you receive the best services.

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Youtube Is Not A Plumbing School

Sure, some small projects are probably harmless but there are things related to plumbing that you should simply leave for the experts to do. The plumbers we talked to have dozens of horror stories about clients who learned plumbing fixes via Youtube and decided to rent some equipment to fix the issue themselves. Some of these stories involve well-meaning homeowners who had to deal with chemical burns and broken arms. A plumber’s job is dangerous, make no bones about it. And if it is dangerous for a professional, it is doubly so for an untrained individual. Plus, you could do more damage that will ultimately be more costly to fix.

Don’t Wait To Call Your Plumber

homeowner who is experiencing plumbing issues

Believe it or not, your plumber can help you save money if you call them as soon as a problem comes up. They recommend regular maintenance of your plumbing system. This not only helps keep your plumbing working well but it also helps you identify problems early, saving you money.

Great Plumbing Makes A Happy Marriage

Ask a plumber what the biggest perk of the job is and they would tell you about the times when they fixed a drainage problem that likely saved a marriage. They mentioned times when they rescued DIYers who tried to cut on cost but caused damage that’s worth thousands of dollars.

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It helps to know about plumbing from the point-of-view of the men and women in the industry. Your plumbers are your partners and the more you work with them, the more likely that your plumbing system will remain reliable in providing you with the conveniences you have come to enjoy.

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