Why Do Plumbers Need To Be Licensed?

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Every house will run into plumbing issues sooner or later. That’s why it’s important for owners to have trusted licensed plumbers that they can turn to for help. Some might try to cut corners and hire a handyman instead. Others will go for cheap unlicensed plumbers. Although it might seem like an easy way to save money, this can end up being a costly mistake. It’s always better to hire a specialist for any job.

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Why Is It Better To Hire A Licensed Plumber?

In this article, we discuss the advantages that come with hiring a licensed plumbing company.

Guaranteed Plumbing Competence

A plumbing license can only be obtained after a thorough demonstration of competence. A person will have to undergo rigorous training through courses and apprenticeship. At the end of it all, their knowledge and skill are tested in a licensure exam. They must pass the standards set by their state. These qualifications guarantee that only highly qualified individuals get a license to practice. They will provide an expert diagnosis and solutions.

Proper Plumbing Equipment


Some people think that you can call yourself a plumber as long as you have a plunger and a wrench. This pervasive image is outdated. Modern plumbers use a wider set of tools with some having advanced technologies. They will always bring the right equipment for the job so that clients can enjoy faster fixes and better outcomes. Their mastery of these tools also sets them apart from unlicensed plumbers.

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Plumbers Understand Regulatory Compliance

Every state has local buildings codes that are designed to keep structures safe and habitable. Straying from these can lead to disaster. Every licensed plumber considers these codes before making vital decisions. They understand the reasons behind each of these so they are extremely careful in ensuring compliance. Unlicensed plumbers may not even be aware of these. They might simply focus on fixing the current issue without considering the potential negative consequences of their actions down the road.

Insurance Coverage

image of licensed bonded and insured plumbing companyThings can go wrong in any type of business or profession. That’s why it is necessary for them to have insurance coverage. You can be certain that licensed plumbers carry insurance such that any mishap will not become your financial burden. They will take care of it as they should. On the other hand, unlicensed plumbers and general handymen won’t have this kind of support system. If they make mistakes, then they can just run away and leave you with an expensive problem.

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Fraud Protection

Licensed plumbers can offer legally binding contracts. They can provide you with signed documents that state the issues, the solutions, and the fees. They can offer guarantees on their work that are actually enforceable. They can show you their professional IDs and permanent addresses. On the other hand, most unlicensed plumbers simply rely on verbal agreements that they can bail out of at any moment. Even if they sign a contract, it may not provide legal protection.

Hazard Containment

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The plumbing system has a major impact on a home’s sanitation. This is particularly true for sewage matters. As such, any repairs must be handled carefully to maintain the health and safety of the occupants. Incorrect handling can lead to the spread of hazardous materials. These might even affect the entire neighborhood and become a major concern. It’s risky to entrust such dangerous work to someone to an amateur. Opt for a licensed plumber who knows how to deal with hazard containment.

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Property Protection

A regular handyman might be good a fixing some things around the house but he might not be able to handle complex plumbing issues. In trying to tackle problems beyond his abilities, he might end up making matters worse. He could damage pipes while digging holes and cause more water leaks to appear. He might compromise the integrity of the house as well. A licensed plumber will not make these unfortunate mistakes. Your property will be in good hands.

Peace of Mind

A licensed plumber will provide you with peace of mind in every job they tackle. They will conduct thorough inspections on the site and explain their findings so that you can understand the situation. They will make their recommendations with clear reasoning for each. You will know all of the pros and cons before making a decision. Once given the green light, they will implement the solution in an efficient manner to minimize disruption. They will eliminate the root cause so that you won’t have to deal with the problem again.



As you can see, the advantages of hiring a licensed plumber justify the investment in their services. The reality is that they can save you money in the long run by preventing property damage, recurring issues, and health problems. Licensing should be a non-negotiable requirement for plumbing jobs.


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